Rep. Steve King Explains Gridlock: House Dems Are A Pack Of Marx-Worshipping Leftists

December 01, 2011 1:50 pm ET

From the November 30, 2011, session of the U.S. House of Representatives:

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REP. STEVE KING (R-IA): They wanna punish the people that are producing. They would increase the taxes—you guys over there. You would increase the taxes on the people that are paying the most taxes. You'd increase the taxes on the people that are paying the highest percentage. You would argue that it's progressive. And you know you're never going to be satisfied. I know you won't be satisfied.

If I could tell you today, and tomorrow's the first day of December, that I have a magic wand and I promise you all that we're gonna give you what you want, and you've got all of the month of December to put your wish list together, and when the ball drops in Times Square in New York, New Year's Eve, at midnight, and the new year, 2012, begins, here'd be the deal. Here's the magic wand, give me the list of all the things that you want to do to take away the liberty and freedom of the American people, take away the wealth and the capital that's been so justly earned by people in this country, and redistribute the wealth in the ideal of Karl Marx or any of those other leftists that you worship, grant all of the wishes that you have, reorder society according to all of your dreams, and let you have 30 days to put the list together, and at midnight when the ball drops at Times Square, stroke the magic wand, give you all your entire wish list. If I had that power, and if this happened in this fashion, I will tell you you guys'd work hard. Your lights are on at night, you're well-funded and you're smart people, you're wrong on your philosophy, but you would put together a list, and it would be a long list. And it wouldn't be without some internal fights. ...

And in the end I granted you your wish at midnight at the new year, but the deal would be that you had to then stop complaining the rest of your life, you'd have to live under the rules that you'd written that you spent 30 days, all your career wishing and dreaming and working and leveraging for in this Congress. We'd give you everything you asked for on the New Year but you'd have to be quiet then and live under those rules, and I can tell you what'd happen. You'd stay up all night long on New Year's night thinking, what did we forget, how did he cheat us, we really forgot to leave this in, we need to change the rules, and we're gonna want more and more and more. Because first of all you don't want to admit to the American people what you really want to do: You're anti-capitalists, you're anti-American liberty, you're anti-free enterprise, there are a number of the pillars of American exceptionalism that you just plain oppose.


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