Rep. Bachmann: President Obama Is No Friend To The Jewish People

November 09, 2011 3:16 pm ET

From the November 9, 2011, edition of Fox News' America Live:

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REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MN): Well number one, I think that the president should be apologizing to Benjamin Netanyahu but also to the Jewish state of Israel. Because the United States historically has been Israel's best friend, going all the way back to Harry Truman, who 11 minutes after Israel declared her sovereignty, also had the United States recognized Israel. That strengthened Israel's hand. Ever since President Obama has come into office he's demonstrated that he is no friend to the state of Israel or to the Jewish people. This has clearly profound implications for world safety and for peace in the region, and now with the report that's come out this week from the IAEA, this is very bad news indeed. No wonder Benjamin Netanyahu needs to speak to the United States. Who else will have Israel's back if we don't?

And again, President Obama has revealed his true secrets and intents. He has been no friend to the Jewish state of Israel.

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Alright let's shift and talk politics a little now, because as our viewers know you are running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.


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