Rep. Harris: "Obamacare" Will Mean Higher Cancer Death Rates Like In "Socialist Countries"

October 18, 2011 9:51 am ET

From an appearance by Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) on the October 17, 2011, edition of Fox Business Network's Freedom Watch:

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REP. ANDY HARRIS: Well, Judge, we know exactly what'll happen to medical care because there are plenty of socialist countries where medical care is socialized. We know that the death rate from cancer is higher, we know that the delay for any necessary surgery is higher, we know that the waits are longer. We know what's happening. We don't have to reinvent the wheel on this. And this is what Obamacare will lead toward. And that's why the physicians in Congress, the 15 of us Republican physicians in the House, each and every one of us wants Obamacare repealed as soon as possible. 


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