Rep. Ryan Decries Iraq, Afghanistan Savings He Himself Has Touted As "War Gimmick"

September 20, 2011 2:02 pm ET

From the September 20, 2011, edition of The Laura Ingraham Show:

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REP. PAUL RYAN: Do you know what the war gimmick is? This is what we talk about in budget world. Over a trillion dollars of the savings the president's claiming is he's saying you know what, we were budgeting for being at surge levels in Afghanistan and Iraq in 10 years, but now that I'm gonna do a pullout in 2014 — which by the way was always the plan, was the plan in the Bush administration now this administration — that's gonna save us a trillion dollars! It's really the akin, Laura, to me going to Congress today and passing a bill to spend $10 trillion buying t-shirts, and then tomorrow passing a bill repealing that bill spending $10 trillion to buy t-shirts, and then I can all the sudden say, y'know what, I just saved $10 trillion! That's where a trillion of the savings the president's claiming is in.


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