Rep. Blackburn Insists Cutting Regulations Will Create More Jobs Than American Jobs Act

September 13, 2011 6:16 pm ET

From the September 13, 2011, edition of Hardball:

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REP. MARSHA BLACKBURN: Listen, you're not going to get jobs by passing stimulus bills. There are no bills that are going to do this. You know, budgets are about priorities, and what you need to do is say, it is going to be a priority to repair infrastructure. That wasn't done, and people don't think it would be there again. They don't want to see tax increases, we can't afford tax increases, they want to see tax reductions. [...] Individuals want to keep more of their money in their pocket. Americans know that two wrongs never make a right and passing another stimulus bill isn't going to make the first one right. It is the wrong recipe for getting Americans back to work. Let's talk about putting a moratorium on regulations for a year. Let's talk about getting the EPA off of individuals' private land. Let's talk about putting people in factories back to work by rolling back these EPA regulations. There's plenty that could be done there.


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