Rep. Poe Runs With False Comparison Between Driver's Licenses And Concealed-Carry Permits

September 13, 2011 11:39 am ET

During this morning's hearing on a bill that would require states to recognize the concealed-carry permits of all other states, Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) advanced the false comparison between such permits and driver's licenses, which are issued by states and recognized by all other states:

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Cliff Schecter explains why this comparison is faulty, addressing similar statements from the NRA's Chris Cox:

Is the NRA now comparing a concealed carry permit to owning and driving a car, where each individual is required to possess a license and register their vehicle? So is Mr. Cox's position that we should create a registry of each person who carries loaded, concealed firearms, so gun regulations will work similarly to the laws governing the owning and driving of automobiles?

To the substance of his point, the police are able to verify the status of one's driver's license through a national database. With concealed carry permits, there is no such licensing database -- and Mr. Cox assures us there are no plans to create one. Some states don't even keep accurate records of who's allowed to carry a concealed weapon -- much less feed them into a national database -- and others destroy these documents. Perhaps this is why virtually all law enforcement organizations oppose this.