Rep. Gohmert Sees "All-Out Effort" To Let Illegal Immigrants Vote In 2012

August 24, 2011 10:53 am ET

From the August 23, 2011, episode of Follow the Money with Eric Bolling on Fox Business:

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REP. LOUIE GOHMERT (R-TX): Well, he's rushing in to do Congress' job, which has already been done. We've already made it illegal to come into the country without a proper visa. So he's doing that job, undoing what Congress has done, and refusing to enforce the Constitution and laws he took an oath to follow. It's not his job — his job is to enforce the law, not to ignore it and rewrite it unofficially.You know, what really gets me Eric, though, is the complete irony here. People have come from Mexico, for example, in order to find jobs. Why? Because we have followed the rule of law. And because capital ghost, where it feels safest, where law is the fairest. And then once here, say OK, ignore the law and allow us to stay and have jobs illegally, which means we'd be like the place they came from where jobs quit being created. It doesn't make sense, it's very ironic and we need to get back to following the law.

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): So why this, with this plan? I mean, there are those on the left that say, oh this is great. This is Mr. Obama reaching out to the Latino community, but from my perspective, the Latino community who are here legally are saying no. Keep the illegal immigrants over there, these are jobs that we want. The rest of Americans, 14 million out of work line.

GOHMERT: Exactly, and my office helps — we've helped many Hispanics trying to make sure they follow the law and they get relatives here legally and they do things properly. It is grossly unfair to them to say, never mind, you're better off if you just ignore the law. But what I'm afraid we may see, Eric, is before the next election, an all-out effort to get people eligible to vote in the next election and the result would be they would most likely vote for the people who allowed them to ignore the law.

BOLLING: So you think that not only will that they be allowed some sort of amnesty to stay, but maybe even get somehow get a voting right as well?

GOHMERT: Well, in some places it's easier to vote even without an idenfication. Of course, we know that the Democrats in Congress in general and around in most states have fought having a legitimate photo ID, saying it's so grossly unfair. You can't do anything without a photo ID, except they want to be allowed to have people to vote without a proper identification. So it goes to reason, if there's a quid pro quo, it is we allow you to stay illegally and make sure you go down and vote. We've seen different people saying, leaders in the Democratic Party, saying make sure that you get down and vote.  It isn't right. It isn't legal.