Rep. Walsh Ignores S&P Report, Calls "Tea Party Downgrade" Label "Offensive"

August 10, 2011 10:58 am ET

From the August 10, 2011, edition of America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (HOST): Well what did you think of the label "Tea Party downgrade" that emerged two days ago?

REP. JOE WALSH: It's offensive, it's outrageous, but it's almost comical, because their talking points are so obvious. It's almost too political. But again, this goes to the fact that you've got an administration that I believe is in over their head and they truly don't know what they're doing, and all they're left with is to finger-point and to assign blame to other people.

HEMMER: What they're saying is that folks like you held them back from a bigger deal, and you're the one who's to blame for that, that they could've gotten $4 trillion had folks like Joe Walsh not gotten in the way. To that you say what?

WALSH: Well my response, Bill, is thank god for folks like me. I mean just imagine if these troublesome Republicans hadn't taken over Congress. We probably would've raised the debt ceiling months ago by how many trillion, we'd be spending billions every single week, and probably each of the credit agencies would've downgraded us. We were sent to Washington, the American people sent us to Washington, to do something about this problem, this problem the president created, and we're not gonna stop, no matter how much name-calling they throw our way.


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