Phyllis Schlafly: If You Don't Have A Husband, "You Look To Big Brother To Provide"

March 29, 2011 12:50 pm ET

This weekend at the Conservative Principles PAC Conference, anti-feminist hero Phyllis Schlafly told Political Correction why women who don't get married are bad for society:

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PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY: The people who are saying we shouldn't talk about the social issues are simply trying to pretend that they don't cause the fiscal problems. Um, the Heritage Foundation has added up and thinks that we are spending nearly a trillion dollars a year because of the non-marriage. Really to support the single moms who are having babies without getting married. And it stand to reason, if you don't get married and have a husband to provide for you, then you look to Big Brother to provide.

And we had a 41 percent illegitimacy across the board last year in this country and they're only supported by the tax payers in whole or in part. We've got about a 40 percent of the American people  who are getting all or part of their, living expenses from the government. And this is the breakdown of marriage, because they—we ought to have a stable society where fathers provide and mothers take care of their babies.