Rep. Gohmert Suggests Debt Could Lead To Holocaust

March 11, 2011 4:45 pm ET

From a March 11, 2011, House floor speech:

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REP. LOUIE GOHMERT (R-TX): We can do better than that, but we'd better hurry, because two, three, four more years of what the president proposed, 1.65 trillion in deficit spending? There's not gonna be a country. I don't care how much smarter we think we are in this country. How much more intellectual some of the liberals may be here, you can't outrun history.

There are lessons that are established and if you commit this act, then in the laws of nature and history, you're gonna get this result. You spend too much money you don't have for long enough, you're gonna lose your country. It's happened over and over. Doesn't matter how smart you are, it doesn't matter how many letters you have after your name, it doesn't matter — if you commit certain acts, you're gonna get certain results. Just as sure as it's a scientific experiment that's been proved over and over. Well it has. You spend too much, you're gonna lose the country.

Now the Germans, after World War I, thought perhaps they could print the money fast enough so that they could pay the massive indebtedness they had after World War I, and that could get them on solid footing. Some remember the cartoons from the history books. There are people alive today that remember themselves. Wheel barrows being — with cash being carried, to buy bread. That was a cartoon, I saw it in my history book. And ultimately, as the country's economy collapsed, they became so desperate, they were willing to elect a little guy with a mustache who began to blame those of Jewish origin, leading to the worst holocaust in the history of mankind. Nothing we can be proud of — what led to it?

What opened the door for this barbarian to take over such a proud country and lead them into this unthinkable, horrible crime against humanity? Over six million Jewish people were killed, exterminated. Economic problems, spending too much, owing too much, trying to print money to make it up didn't work, so they got desperate.