Rep. Gohmert Decries "The President's War On Jobs"

January 25, 2011 11:28 am ET

REP. GOHMERT: What we're talking about is, when the EPA says, now, we shut down—you're talking about jobs. And I realize this is all part of the president's war on jobs. And it's working well. First the moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico has really decimated Louisiana and many of the Gulf states as he's declared this war on jobs and eliminated so many jobs there in the Gulf region. But what is happening here as you freeze out refineries, as you declare war on drilling and activity in the Gulf of Mexico, we're now starting to see that effect on everybody else. [...] But I guess when you declare a war on jobs, you declare a moratorium on drilling activity, you devastate the hardworking folks in America that are trying to produce energy, and what that didn't kill, then you turn right around and take control of state environmental responsibilities so that you can finish going through with your war on jobs, I yield back to my friend. [...] There is so much uncertainty with regard to business in this country. Now, if you want certainty, you could be a friend to this administration as George Soros is, so his biggest single investment is a drilling company down in South America. And so we loaned them two billion - that's with a b—billion dollars to drill offshore off Brazil, but in the meantime, we got a war declared on those that make their living in the Gulf Coast area off drilling: moratorium!

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