Michigan's Rep. Miller Rails Against "WikiLinks"

December 07, 2010 3:49 pm ET
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REP. MILLER: Mr. Speaker, since WikiLinks has begun releasing American top-secret information that it obtained illegally, there has been a debate about how our nation should respond to this. I believe the actions of WikiLinks provide material support to our terrorist enemies, so it should be treated as a terrorist organization. Others have argued that WikiLinks is simply a media organization and th— therefore it is protected under the first amendment. Well consider for a moment the most recent statements by Julian Assage [sic] the founder of WikiLinks, which I believe show exactly what he is: a terrorist. Assage [sic] has spread across the world an encrypted document which he claims has even more vital national secrets that he's going to release. And Assage [sic] calls these files his insurance file, and he's threatened to release this information if he is captured or if he is charged with any violation of law. Those, Mr. Speaker, are not the actions of a journalist; those are the actions of a terrorist. Even President Clinton recently said that lives will be lost because of the release of this information. But still, Mr. Speaker, we still have not heard anything on this issue from our current Commander in Chief, President Obama. The silence from President Obama, our Commander in Chief, is absolutely baffling. I yield back.