Congressman-Elect Lou Barletta: Sen. Reid Bought Latino Votes With DREAM Act Proposals

November 04, 2010 6:18 pm ET
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NEIL CAVUTO (host): New numbers showing 90 percent of latinos voted for Sen. Harry Reid. He promised to deliver a vote on the DREAM Act in the lame duck session. That would give illegals a path to citizenship if they go to college or join the  military. My next guest not a fan of this so-called DREAM Act. Republican Lou Barletta is a Congressman-elect from Pennsylvania. First of all, congratulations, Congressman. Elect. Um.

LOU BARLETTA (R-PA): Thank you, Neil. Thank you.

CAVUTO: This could explain some of that support but, uh, does it explain all of it? What do you think happened? 

BARLETTA: Well it appears, uh, on the surface to be the ultimate payback. Uh, Senator Reid brought it up just a few days before the election and uh, right after the election just a few days, we're talking about bringing up the DREAM Act again. Uh, I believe he has his priorities mixed up. Uh, There are still very, uh, many important spending bills that need to be passed and uh, uh, to do this in a lame duck session I don't believe that is what the American people wanted. 

CAVUTO: But they could do it. 'Cause they still have the numbers in a lame duck session to do it, right? 

BARLETTA: Well, that's, that's true. They may, they may not. I know it would, it would be close. But this is, uh, y'know, obviously they didn't learn anything from this election. Uh, the American people didn't like it when uh, when they told Washington they wanted jobs and they worked on a health care bill that they didn't want. Uh, they still want jobs. And I don't believe, uh, after an election where they thought their voices were heard that we would be talking about the DREAM Act again. 

CAVUTO: But, um, he has argued it is a jobs booster. You argue and you fear that it's sort of a back challenge to make illegals citizens, right?

BARLETTA: It is. We're opening up that door again, we're opening it up a crack. It's a, another way for a back door amnesty and uh, y'know, if we're going to talk about uh, illegal immigration uh, reform we should wait until the new congress comes in and uh, and then we'll discuss it. 

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