NumbersUSA's Roy Beck: "Chain Migration Has To Be Stopped"

February 18, 2010 12:19 pm ET

During an hour-long session at the February 2010 Tea Party Convention, NumbersUSA executive director Roy Beck discussed his belief that "chain migration has to be stopped."

NumbersUSA: Against "Anchor Immigrant" Migration

Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA:

Okay, how 'bout "5 Easy Fixes."  Number one is chain migration.  There's a bill that's been introduced in three different congresses.  You can see it there, HR 878, it's been introduced each congress by Congressman Gingrey of Georgia.  Anyone from Georgia?  Well, that's from Georgia. 

Chain migration is a new concept.  It was a concept that was invented in the late 50s.  What it does, it says in the past, immigrants got in on the basis of who they were.  And they got to bring in their nuclear family.  I qualify to be an immigrant and I get to bring in my spouse and my minor children.  In the late 50s they changed that so that you could bring in your adult relatives.  It seems harmless in that.  You can bring in your adult children, so if you're an older immigrant you can bring in children in their 20s and 30s, you can bring in your brothers and sisters, and you can bring in your parents.  So now, there's all kinds of people who are coming in, not on the basis of what they have to offer but because they're related to the immigrant who just came in - the anchor immigrant. 

Again, [unintelligible] ...although I live as far away from my brothers and sisters as I can.  I have a brother and sister out in California, I live in DC, I have another sister in Oklahoma, my mother is in Missouri.  We live farther apart than most immigrants in this country live from their relatives in their home countries.  You know, there's phone, internet, we occasionally see each other, and we love each other.  But the fact is, that every one of those adult relatives immediately can bring in their spouse and minor children.  And of course, their spouses all have parents that they can immediately bring in.  And everybody can petition for their brothers and sisters.  Do you see how quickly?  I'm the anchor immigrant and we're talking about my aunts and uncles and my nieces and nephews and first cousins and second cousins [unintelligible] ...that I could bring in too. 

And so that's the way it works.  It's amazing.  Now, not everybody can get in legally, but they think they are in line and that drives a lot of illegal immigration.  And that's how the numbers go up. Chain migration has to be stopped and this bill stops it.  And it would really bring down that 75,000 permanent foreign workers a month.