NumbersUSA's Roy Beck: The U.S. Is Importing Immigrants From "Terrorist-Sponsoring Countries"

February 18, 2010 12:19 pm ET

During an hour-long session at the February 2010 Tea Party Convention, NumbersUSA executive director Roy Beck discussed his concern over what he sees as the distribution of U.S. citizenships to those from "terrorist-sponsoring countries."

NumbersUSA: Ted Kennedy's Legislation Is Bringing In Immigrants That Assimilate Slowly And "Are Different As Possible"

Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA:

The lottery.  This country has such a hard time finding anybody who would want to move to the United States that we raffle off 50,000 US citizenships every year.  And to make sure that the people who come in assimilate as slowly as possible, and are as different as possible, we only raffle these 50,000 off to countries that have the least people already in this country.  As it turns out, by happenstance, it's disproportionately we raffle them off to people who come from terrorist-sponsoring countries. 

Now this is Ted Kennedy's invention, in 1990 he did it as a disguise to get a bunch of illegal Irish in.  So at the first few years, half of all the lottery went to the illegal Irish.  But now that's not true anymore.  This is just games being played.  This lottery is an affront to everybody, it's a threat to our security, and it fills jobs needlessly.  If we get rid of chain migration and the lottery, we can bring down the 75,000 permanent foreign workers a month by about 20-25,000.  It's pretty simple.