NumbersUSA's Roy Beck: "Illegal Aliens" Will Go Home If We Prevent Them From Getting Jobs

February 18, 2010 12:19 pm ET

During an hour-long session at the February 2010 Tea Party Convention, NumbersUSA executive director Roy Beck discussed his wish for a system that will cause more undocumented immigrants to leave the United States and to prevent them from accessing "social services."

NumbersUSA: "Illegal Aliens Are Not Dumb"

Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA:

And finally, the SAVE system - which is not a bill - the SAVE system is like e-Verify but it is already used, every state uses it some of the time to keep illegal aliens from accessing certain benefits.  It's very similar, the way it works.  If we pass the SAVE Act, there will be very few illegal aliens in the country that will have jobs.  There will be some in the underground economy but we believe that you've seen what the depression, the recession has done - looks like over a million illegal aliens have gone home during the recession because they couldn't find jobs. [cheers from the audience] We believe - yeah! 

Things can get better, illegal aliens are not dumb.  They make rational choices, they really do.  They make the rational choice that they can increase their income and their consumption by coming here illegally.  At the point that they no longer believe that can happen, they don't come and they don't stay, very much.  Now, some people stay and so we gotta make sure that we don't make it easy for them.  So we gotta make sure that we cut them off from all social services except for emergency services.