Rep. Bachmann Warns of Abortion Field Trips

September 30, 2009 7:34 pm ET

Speaking on the House floor, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) introduced a new argument against health care reform.

Rep. Bachmann:

There's something that hasn't been talked about much, and it's the whole idea of school-based clinics in schools all across America, and that's in HR 3200.  Now this would raise the hackles on the necks of school parents all across this country.  When they understand that Section 2511 of HR 3200, the House government takeover of health care, has a section -- it's called school-based health clinics, and it would allow a nonprofit health agency -- just say Planned Parenthood because that's what this is written for.  Again, we need to be serious.  Planned Parenthood is an organization that is the largest abortion provider in United States.  And written in this bill is a provision whereby Planned Parenthood could become a proprietor for school-based clinics in every school across United States.  These have been more accurately called school sex clinics. [...]
Now the federal government is going the final step, and they're saying, "Let's put sex clinics in our schools." Can you believe this, Mr. Speaker? Let's put sex clinics in our school.  And let's put Planned Parenthood in charge of our sex clinics because the bill that the school -- under this provision, Planned Parenthood would be authorized to serve as a sponsoring facility for the nation's schools.  As a matter of fact, the bulk of this health care bill is scheduled to go into effect in 2013.  Remember, all the taxes will start this coming January, Mr. Speaker.  Right away, at the time we can least afford it, the taxes will go into place, but the provisions of this bill actually go into effect in 2013.  Not the school-based sex clinics.  The sex clinics actually would go into effect next summer so that these clinics would appear in public schools next fall.  And it would require that the school-based sex clinic would provide on-site access during the school day when school is in session and have an established network of support and access to services with backup health providers when the school is closed.  [...]

But parents are going to excluded from Planned Parenthood as they write these clinics because the bill orders that these clinics protect patient privacy and student records.  What does that mean? It means that parents will never know what kind of counsel and treatment that their children are receiving.  And as a matter of fact, the bill goes on to say what's going to go on -- comprehensive primary health services, physicals, treatment of minor acute medical conditions, referrals to follow-up for specialty care -- is that abortion? Does that mean that someone's 13 year-old daughter could walk into a sex clinic, have a pregnancy test done, be taken away to the local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, have their abortion, be back and go home on the school bus that night? Mom and dad are never the wiser.