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September 21, 2011 10:36 pm ET filed under Fact Check

What Happened To The Republican Consensus On Climate Change?

In May right-wing activist Marc Morano said Republican candidates "can believe in the science of global warming ... if you keep your mouth shut about it and you advocate no quote-unquote solution to the problem." By contrast, the following statements show that in previous years, prominent Republicans spoke about both the robust body of evidence indicating that human activities are changing the climate and the need to address the problem. While the political discourse has since regressed, the scientific consensus has not.

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May 22, 2009 3:31 pm ET filed under Fact Check

Is Gov. Sanford Allergic To All Pork - Or Just Some Pork?

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is suing his Attorney General for presenting legislation that would force him to accept Federal stimulus monies.  South Carolina's Republican Members of Congress have reportedly asked for more than $20 million in pork barrel spending.  Will Gov. Sanford reject those funds as well?

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