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October 29, 2010 5:35 pm ET filed under Ad Check

"Had Enough" Of AAF's Lies?

The Alliance for America's Future (AAF), a harmless sounding 527 group, has released an attack ad against Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY), accusing the congressman of having "lost touch" and not "listen[ing]" to voters. The ad blames Bishop for "spending billions on bailouts" and "trillions on so-called stimulus," when the Recovery Act created millions of American jobs, and the Wall Street "bailout" — which taxpayers could actually earn a profit on — was instrumental in stabilizing the economy. Moreover, the ad attacks Bishop for raising the debt limit to $14 trillion — an action that prevented the country from going into default — and suggests that health care reform will hinder small businesses with penalties, when the Affordable Act provides these businesses with tax credits. 

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