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Meet Michael Youssef, Gingrich's Divisive Faith Co-Chair

January 25, 2012 12:41 pm ET

Michael Youssef, an Egyptian-born evangelical pastor, has endorsed former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for president. The Gingrich campaign has announced that Youssef, head of an Atlanta megachurch, will be the National Co-Chair of its Faith Leaders Coalition. Youssef's divisive views include the belief that democracy is not possible in any Muslim-majority country, and he has said that "socialists and leftists" try to "present Islamists and Jihadists as peace lovers." Youssef also advances the idea that there is a war against Christianity in America, yet he directs a share of his vitriol toward other Christians, particularly Presbyterians and Episcopalians.

Youssef And Gingrich

Youssef Endorsed Newt Gingrich For President. From a video endorsement uploaded to Newt Gingrich's YouTube page.

YOUSSEF: Newt is one of the few people in all of the United States, let alone being in leadership, who truly understand the dangers that are surrounding our nation and Western Civilization. He is one of the few people who truly knows what the threat that is coming to our doorstep, which I for one, when I escaped forty-plus years ago, never thought I'd see the day that I'd face it here in the United States. ... So Newt Gingrich is a man that I want to commend to you. [YouTube.com, 1/18/12]

Gingrich Announced That Youssef Will Co-Chair Campaign's Faith Leaders Coalition. From Gingrich's campaign website:

Newt 2012 today announced that Dr. Michael Youssef has endorsed Newt Gingrich, and Dr. Youssef will be joining the Gingrich Faith Leaders Coalition as a National Co-Chair.

Michael Youssef is the Founder and President of the worldwide ministry, Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef. Dr. Youssef's weekly television and daily radio programs are broadcast in 20 languages to more than 190 countries — airing 3,300 times per week.  He is also the founding pastor of The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta, Ga. [...]

"I'm couldn't be happier in having Dr. Youssef on board," said Newt Gingrich. "Our Faith Leaders Coalition will benefit tremendously from his leadership as a Pastor, a communicator, and an immigrant to the U.S." [Newt.org, 1/18/12]

Youssef: President Obama "Is Not A True Christian"

Youssef: President Obama "May Not Be A Muslim," But He "Is Not A True Christian Either." From a column Youssef wrote for the American Family News Network:

One good thing about this entire buzz about religion, it is giving the true disciples of Jesus Christ an opportunity to take a stand. Lovingly, thoughtfully and wisely...but the church is taking a stand none the less. The days of placing one foot in the boat and one foot on the pier are gone. The boat has left the pier! You are either for the full claims of Christ, or you are not. There is no smorgasbord in true Christianity.

Obama may not be a Muslim. But until he comes out and says, "Jesus is the only way to the Father and heaven," he is not a true Christian either. [OneNewsNow.com, 8/26/10]

Youssef: There's "A War On Christians" In America

Youssef: "There Is A War On Christians Waged By Members Of The Secular Media." From a column Youssef wrote:

One of his supporters yelled out to him, "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" Truman responded, "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it's Hell."

That is precisely the reason why there is a war on Christians waged by members of the secular media.

Christians speak the truth about God's best for humanity as it applies to morality, laws and governing principles, but the secular media views these truths as Hell.  Truth always feels like Hell to those who reject, deny, or hate the truth. [The Christian Post, 10/20/11]

Youssef: God Will "Avenge His Own Name Sooner Or Later" Against The "Secular Media." From a column Youssef wrote for the American Family News Network:

Members of the secular media have studied the psyche of both groups and concluded that Christians are easy targets to blame for every ill and bigotry that arises in our culture. When they begin searching for an object to bear the brunt of their anger toward religion, Christians represent a bulls-eye. The secular media has come to realize that their accusations will not be challenged since the tenants of the Christian faith are to love our enemies and bless our persecutors.

But what these members of the media have failed to realize is that the God of the Christians is the One who will avenge His own name sooner or later. And that is truly a fearful and terrifying prospect. [OneNewsNow.com, 5/3/10, emphasis added]

Youssef: The Secular Media Wants "To Muzzle Christians" And Likens Christians "To The Taliban And The Jihadis." From a column Youssef wrote:

Bible-believing Christians proclaim the truth about the biblical principles that guided this nation's founders. But those who are rewriting American history to fit their desire for self-worship want to silence them. Thus, whenever a Christian lovingly and thoughtfully points them to the truth of history, [members of the secular media] hound them down, accusing them of "racism," "hate speech," and "bigotry." Why?

Because truth to them is Hell, so they want to muzzle Christians and their message.

When Bible-believing Christians declare that there are moral absolutes that all men must live by, and that when these moral absolutes are tampered with curses and not blessings will follow...it really angers them. It sets their teeth on edge.

To them these truths are Hell, so they respond by likening Christians to the Taliban and the Jihadis...can you imagine? [The Christian Post, 10/20/11]

Youssef: In America, "The Cross Is Considered A Dangerous Thing." In his book, Youssef writes:

Today there are crosses in Eastern Europe. There is faith in Eastern Europe. But in America, where religious freedom is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution, the cross is considered a dangerous thing. Even a cross out in the middle of the desert poses a threat. [When the Crosses are Gone by Michael Youssef, 2011, via MichaelYoussef.com]

Youssef: "Christians Can No Longer Fully Express Their Convictions Without Fear Of Reprisal." In a column, Youssef writes:

Have you witnessed the tyranny around you? We see it as the government removes Christian symbols from all aspects of public life. Christians can no longer fully express their convictions without fear of reprisal. Prayers are omitted even during private functions involving certain military officials. More and more, our Christian voice is being denied. Politicians want to make speaking certain biblical truths a hate crime — silencing pulpits across this free land. I, for one, would be happy to go to prison for my faith. Politicians are trying to control the lives and behaviors of their fellow citizens and are moving the country toward total secularism and dependence upon the government. [The Christian Post, 7/16/10]

Youssef's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Youssef: "Reality" Is That We Are "At War With Islam," Not "Bin Laden And His Motley Crew." From a column Youssef wrote:

In his late-night speech on May 1, President Barack Obama said: "The United States is not and never will be at war with Islam" but instead at war with Osama bin Laden and his motley crew. This blind denial of reality is how Osama achieved his greatest success. The President confirmed my worst fears: America was so focused on capturing one man that they let his ideology run free and rampant. [...]

There is no doubt that these Islamic victories were aided by the adamant denial of many in the West that we are not at war with Islam. As the famed idiom goes, you can't see the forest for the trees. [OneNewsNow, 5/6/11]

Youssef: "True Democracy" Is Not Possible On "Islamic Soil." On his blog, Youssef wrote: "True Democracy can no more take hold in Islamic soil than a rose can grow in a glass vase...no matter how much water it contains. This is a true statement and many Islamists know that this is a true statement." [MichaelYoussef.com, 12/1/11]

Youssef: Park 51 Islamic Community Center In Lower Manhattan Would Be An "Indoctrination And Propaganda Center" At "Hallowed Ground Where Muslims Killed Nearly 3,000 Innocent Americans." On his blog, Youssef wrote: "Mayor Bloomberg whole-heartedly supported the Cordoba Center. This Islamic indoctrination and propaganda center is to be built at the hallowed ground where Muslims killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001." [MichaelYoussef.com, 1/13/12]

Youssef: "Socialists And Leftists...Present Islamists And Jihadists As Peace Lovers." From a press release Youssef released through Christian News Wire:

"Socialists and leftists in the media play down Muslim ideology and present Islamists and Jihadists as peace lovers," commented Youssef. "This naivety and ignorance on the part of the Left is like Christmas in July for Muslim leaders. The Islamists and Jihadists are laughing in their sleeves at such stupidity, but they will soon laugh aloud if Muslims become the majority in these countries. Ironically, the Jihadists first victims will be the leftists, the socialists and the godless." [ChristianNewsWire, 8/10/10]

Youssef: By 2025, Sharia Law Will Have "Invaded Every Aspect" Of Europeans' Lives. From a column Youssef wrote:

Today, Islam may not be arriving into Europe on horseback and wielding swords, but they are arriving nonetheless both as immigrants and as carriers of billions of petro dollars ready to use to their advantage against the money-worshipping Europeans and British.

This double-edged sword of Muslim population growth and euros can prove to be an overwhelming temptation for the Bible rejecters in Europe.

By 2025, the vast number of Europeans will wake up only to discover that they are under new management and that sharia Law has invaded every aspect of their lives. By that time they will be helpless to do anything other than accept Islam or face the sword.  Those few Jews and Christians left, whom Muslims call "the people of the Book", will mercifully be given a chance to live as second-class citizens ("dhimmis") if they pay the "jiziah," which is the high form of taxation Islam imposed on Christians and Jews after they invaded the Christian lands in the Middle East and North Africa. [OneNewsNow, 9/20/10]

Youssef Warns That The U.S. Is "Facing Islamic Hostilitity, Islamic Expansionism And Islamic Proselytizing On University Campuses." From a column Youssef wrote:

For years, we have seen our country attacked and attacked and attacked. But current and former administrations, whose job it is to protect the citizens, all they did was make speeches. One decided to drop a million-dollar bomb on a ten-dollar tent.

Now we are facing Islamic hostility, Islamic expansionism and Islamic proselytizing on university campuses across the United States. We see Islamic takeovers of financial institutions from Barclay's Bank to the rest of them. Not over there; it's over here. It's happening in this land: the United States of America. I could go on about the thousands of mosques and the jihadi schools springing up all over this country. Islamic prayers are being offered in the White House, in legislative assemblies and in schools across the land. [OneNewsNow, 11/19/10]

Youssef: "All Terror Plots Were Perpetrated By Muslims With Muslim Names And Muslim Faces." From a column Youssef wrote:

Political correctness, which is simply another word for legalized dishonesty, is really wounding us as people. It is damaging our logic, injuring our goodwill, testing our patience, and causing long-term harm to our freedom.

For it is political correctness that is silencing the truth — the truth that everyone knows. Even our enemies.  Yet while we suffer humiliation at airports across the United States, our enemies are sitting back, laughing at us while smoking their water pipes.

Everybody knows that all terror plots (those that succeeded and those that failed) were perpetrated by Muslims with Muslim names and Muslim faces. So why on God's earth do 90-year-old American women in wheelchairs and little seven-year-old American girls with pig tails get patted down or sent through degrading body scanners? [OneNewsNow, 12/1/10]

Youssef Has Warned That Non-Existent "Counsel of Islamic Nations" Is Trying To "Outlaw The Preaching Of The Gospel Anywhere In The World." From a column Youssef wrote:

This is the third wave of Jihad. The first wave was in the middle 600s.  The second wave was by the Turks in the 1700s. In this third wave, Muslims believe they can advance by taking advantage of Western ignorance of their ideology coupled with Western sympathies and a penchant for fairness.

To add insult to injury, the Counsel of Islamic Nations is pushing hard in the United Nations to implement an international law that would outlaw the preaching of the gospel anywhere in the world.  As if this is not chilling enough, the Dearborn incident is now considered to be a good omen for Islamic take over. [OneNewsNow, 6/29/10]

Youssef: "Freedom And Democracy In The Muslim World Is...A Figment Of The Imagination." From a column Youssef wrote: "The problem with freedom and democracy in the Muslim world is that it is a figment of the imagination that only exists in the minds of Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton." [OneNewsNow, 2/1/11]

Youssef: Tighten Foreign Investment Laws To Protect U.S. From Jihad. From a column Youssef wrote:

Countries such as the US must tighten foreign investment laws. The fear that Arab investors could bring down the American economy by yanking out their funds was the theme of the film Rollover. Imagine the chaos in American commercial centers if OPEC investors suddenly liquidated their assets, dumped their US Treasury bills on the market or transferred their liquid assets away from the US.

It is conceivable that extreme damage could be done to many sectors of the American economy by wild, dramatic financial manipulations by foreign investors. Every nation has the right to protect its economy from manipulation by foreign investors and safeguards are clearly needed.

Westerners must never forget that more than economics is involved when doing business with a Muslim. Therefore, we need to be as "wise as serpents" in the use of our resources. Islam spread through North Africa, Syria, Egypt and Iran by the implementation of the concept of jihad. But into Africa and far into Asia, Islam spread by a different method: commerce and trading. [ChristianPost, 7/8/10]

Youssef: Islamists Believe Will They Will Be Punished By Allah If They Don't Conquer The World. From a column Youssef wrote:

One thing is very clear: Islamists in their very essence believe they must take over the world or else they will be punished by Allah. And that is why everything they do, every business deal they conduct, every investment they make, every building they build, every dollar they spend and every ounce of energy they have is dedicated to that end. Some, of course, are more subtle than others. Some are more blunt than others. But it is the same goal. [ChristianPost, 11/1/10, emphasis added]

Youssef Saw September 11 Attacks As A Vindication Of His Views. From a radio interview between Youssef and host James Dobson:

DOBSON: Look at the mess we're in. I mean, it takes my breath away, especially because we're not hearing it. We don't hear it from any of the media or a very, very small portion of it, but you've got that whole threat that comes from what we've been describing.


DOBSON: We're likely to lose a city or two or three or four.


DOBSON: It's a matter of time.

YOUSSEF: It's a matter of when.

DOBSON: We had better be on our knees.

YOUSSEF: Amen. I couldn't agree more. And I really think that sometimes I get frustrated when I try to communicate that huge burden that I carry and — the average evangelical kind of out to la-la land, you know, in — in September 11, I thought the lights came on and I thought, "Ah, it's the alarm bells." Now, finally, what I have been trying to do since the early '80's is gonna happen. People are gonna wake up. But I think the vast majority of people just pushed on the snooze button. [Focus on the Family broadcast, 5/16/07, via MediaMatters.org]

Youssef: "Iranian Minions" Are Behind Arab Spring Protests In Order To Replace Governments With "Anti-Israeli Militant Islamic Governments." From a column Youssef wrote:

While everyone is afraid of Iran's build up of nuclear weapons — bombs that are capable of reaching Israel — Iran is not waiting for a nuclear bomb. Instead, they are stirring up trouble on every side of Israel's borders. Iran's cruel and cunning calculations are as follows:

1. There is anger and frustration among the populous of Arab countries due to dreadful economic hardships. So the Iranian minions are traveling far and wide to stir these pots.

2. Iran is convinced that the American administration has proved either unable or unwilling to take a stand in support of these secular Arab governments.

3. Iran also knows that Islamic brotherhoods and movements in Arab countries are far less concerned about the Sunni/Shiite division between them than the hatred for secular governments and for Israel.

All of this creates a perfect environment for toppling current regimes and replacing them with anti-Israeli militant Islamic governments, thus tightening the noose around Israel's neck. [OneNewsNow, 1/29/11]

Youssef's Hostility To Presbyterians And Episcopalians 

Youssef: The Episcopal Church "Is Not Jesus' Church." From a column Youssef wrote:

Can anybody in his/her right mind believe that the Episcopal Church is the Church of Jesus — the  Jesus who left the glories of heaven, came to our broken and dark world, died on the cross to redeem us and give us power over sin, and then rose again to assure us of eternal life with Him? The answer has to be a resounding, "No!"

The Episcopal Church is not Jesus' church. The few...very few faithful ones left within this Church need to run for their lives lest they be held accountable for complacency on the Day of Judgment. [OneNewsNow, 1/19/11]

Youssef: Presbyterian And Episcopal Churches "Spread Apostasy" And Practice "Chinese Water Torture Method Of Homosexual Lobbying." From a column Youssef wrote:

All true Christian believers, whether they are Presbyterians or not, must be weeping right now over the spread of apostasy. Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, accurately refers to it as "following Jesus while rejecting the Bible."

Many of us have seen this Chinese water torture method of homosexual lobbying in both denominations coming for many years. We have known that it's only a matter of time. And yet, when it becomes reality, it is so hard to comprehend.

Today, I'm appealing to all faithful Presbyterians in the PC (USA) and Episcopalians to vote with your feet and get out of these churches as fast as you can. As I mention in my latest book The Greatest Lie, this type of preaching is now invading many mainline and evangelical churches. [OneNewsNow.com, 5/13/11]

Youssef's Take On Gay Rights And The Environmental Movement

Youssef: People Who Choose Homosexuality Are "Shaking Their Fist At God." From a column Youssef wrote:

What most people, including some younger Christians, fail to understand is that Christians are not homophobes or gay-haters. The gay lobbyists like to falsely accuse us of being motivated by hate toward these groups. The truth of God's Word clarifies that we are people lovers, but are sin haters.

This whole homosexual debate boils down to this: God created a man and a woman to anatomically fit. He created them for fellowship and for procreation. When a person chooses other forms of sexual expression, they are basically shaking their fist at God and saying: "I don't like the way you created me so I will choose a person of my own gender instead." [...]

We need only to look to history (biblical and secular) to see that whenever a government sanctions that which is contrary to God's Word, it will bring calamity on itself. Remember the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? [OneNewsNow.com, 6/18/10]

Youssef: Floods And Tornadoes Are Warning From God About "Abomination" Of Homosexuality. From an interview Youssef did with Charisma News:

CHARISMA NEWS: What are some of your thoughts on this gay marriage law passing in New York?

YOUSSEF: Here is another one that goes down the tubes. The stats say one in nine Americans are living in states where gay marriage is legal and it's not going to stop there.

Let's go to the beginning. When we begin to be immoral people we will cease to be blessed people. God blessed us as a nation through the years because of the faithfulness of the Founding Fathers to God's Word. It might not be explicit but implicit in every action of their deliberation. Now we come to a time where we are removing the boundaries of our forefathers and as we remove these boundaries we are removing ourselves from the hand of God's blessing and protection.

It is very disturbing to see the greatest nation leading the world in this abomination. It is very, very sad. This is a group of Republicans that made this happen. This is not a Republican-Democrat issue anymore. It is a moral issue. Those who love the Scripture and God's ideal for our society must be very repulsed and speak against it. We need to examine every candidate for office from now on-to check not how he is going to help the economy, but how he is going to uphold God's moral standard. [...]

These are not social issues that so many folks in the media are telling people to lighten up on if they want to get elected. They are moral issues and we have got to make a decision as a nation whether we are going to be a moral nation or we aren't going to be. Younger evangelicals have been sucked in by false teaching and are now walking away and turning their backs on biblical morality. The only morality they look at is taking care of the poor by the government-not by us but by the government. That is very dangerous.

The problem is that we are not taking the warnings that God has gently been giving us, from tornadoes and floods. God keeps sending us these gentle warnings to wake us up, but we are not waking up at all. We just keep saying we can overcome and keep putting our hopes in ourselves. [Charisma News, 6/28/11, emphasis added]

Youssef: Repeal Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Is "Beginning The Possible Dismantling Of The Finest And Most Compassionate Military Force Known To Man." From a column Youssef wrote:

The Obama administration, in coordination with their lackluster congress, voted to repeal the military's "Don't Ask, Don' Tell" policy thus beginning the possible dismantling of the finest and most compassionate military force known to man. [The Christian Post, 12/30/10]

Youssef: Environmentalists "Are More Concerned About Nature-Worship Religion Than Anything Else." From a column Youssef wrote:

I have said for years that all of those environmentalist fanatics are more concerned about nature-worship religion than anything else. The zeal and fervor with which they worship their gods puts the average Christian worshiper to shame. Their commitment to the tenets of their religion is so extreme that they are willing to see the entire world industry and economy collapse, if need be, in order to please their nature, fertility, and earth gods.

At a recent climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico, these environmental extremists finally came clean and unashamedly called upon a Mayan goddess known as Ixchel.  In her opening statements to conference attendees, Cristiana Figures, the U.N. kahuna of climate change, called upon the goddess of creativity, weaving, and reason to inspire them. [OneNewsNow, 12/8/10]

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