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"Young Gun" Rep. Paul Ryan's Earmark Hypocrisy

September 13, 2010 2:17 pm ET

In an attempt to bolster his fiscal conservative bona fides in Young Guns, Rep. Paul Ryan criticizes a previous class of Republicans for "succumb[ing] to the earmark culture" in order to get reelected. However, Rep. Ryan is in no position to throw stones at others. The last time he was up for reelection, he obtained over $5 million in earmarks for his home state, including nearly $1.4 million for the "Ice Age National Scenic Trail."

Rep. Paul Ryan Blasts Those Who Use The "Earmark Culture... To Get Reelected"

Rep. Paul Ryan:

As Eric has written, the Republican majority succumbed to the earmark culture. They did what the pollsters told them they needed to do to get reelected. They gathered the wish lists of the different groups they requested. As long as the members brought home the bacon, they maintained their popularity and continued to get reelected.  [Young Guns, p 128]

Fact: Rep. Ryan Requested Millions In Earmarks Prior To His Most Recent Reelection Battle

In 2008, Rep. Ryan Obtained Over $5.3 MILLION In Earmarks For His Home State.  According to Citizens Against Government Waste, Rep. Paul Ryan requested three earmarks worth $5,396,160 in 2008.  The projects were:

Wisconsin Statewide Bus and Bus Facilities: $3,283,000

Ice Age National Scenic Trail: $1,378,160

Janseville City Transit System: $735,000

[Citizens Against Government Waste, 2008 Congressional Pig Book, accessed 9/10/10]

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