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Based On New Ad, It's Clear Conservatives For Patients Rights Needs To Go Back To School

January 26, 2010 4:56 pm ET

Picking up on the latest conservative talking point, Conservatives for Patients Rights has jumped on the Scott Brown-win-is-a-referendum-against-health-care-reform bandwagon.  Their newest ad, "Learn Their Lesson," is full of the usual false insinuations - just made more colorful this time with the inclusion of a misinterpretation of poll results.

CPR Ad, "Learn Their Lesson"

"Learn Their Lesson": "With health care as the top issue, liberal Massachusetts just elected a staunch opponent of President Obama's government-run health care plan. Why? Because Massachusetts knows government-run health care means higher costs, longer waits for treatment, and huge state budget deficits.  So voters just said 'no.' Tell the president and congress to learn their lesson from Massachusetts and drop their government-run health care plan." [CPR ad "Learn Their Lesson" via Politico, 1/26/10]

CPR Needs To Learn Its Lesson And Figure Out How To Read Poll Results

Poll: Majority Of Massachusetts Voters Support State Universal Health Care.  According to a Washington Post/Kaiser/Harvard Massachusetts special election poll, the majority (68%) of Massachusetts voters support the state's Universal Health Insurance Law.  Of Brown voters, 51% support the law while only 44% oppose.  [Washington Post, accessed 1/26/10]

Poll: Massachusetts Voters Are Happier With Obama Policies Than With Republican Policies.  When Massachusetts special election voters were asked about their opinions of Washington policies,

"How do you personally feel about the policies offered by the Republicans in Congress?"

     40% were enthusiastic/satisfied
     58% were dissatisfied/angry

"How do you personally feel about the Obama administration's policies?" 

     52% were enthusiastic/satisfied
     47% were dissatisfied/angry
     [Washington Post, accessed 1/26/10]

Poll: Massachusetts Voters Did Not Overwhelmingly Vote Against The Democratic Agenda. When asked, "Was one reason for your vote for Senator to express (support for) the Democratic agenda in Washington, to express (opposition to) this, or was the Democratic agenda not a factor in your choice?" Massachusetts voters answered:

     34% Express support for the Democratic agenda
     35% Express opposition to this
     29% The Democratic agenda was not a factor
     [Washington Post, accessed 1/26/10]

Most Americans Either Support The Current Reform Bill Or Want It Strengthened

Poll: Americans Support Current Bill, Want It Strengthened. CBS News released a telling poll on January 11, 2010.  Regarding extending coverage to the uninsured, the poll showed that 57% of Americans support the current plan or want it stronger - only 32% believe it goes too far.  On controlling health care costs, 60% support the plan or want it to go even further - only 24% think it goes too far.  And concerning new regulations on health insurance companies, 61% support the plan or want it stronger - only 27% believe it goes too far. [CBS News poll, 1/6-10/10]

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