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New CPR Ad Inadvertently Supports Democratic Health Care Reform

November 02, 2009 6:10 pm ET

Conservatives for Patients Rights has produced a new ad that encourages viewers to ask their elected officials three questions, saying a "no" response should inspire viewers to tell Congress to vote against health care reform.  However, since the answer to all three questions is "yes," CPR has inadvertently broadcast its support for Democratic health care proposals.

CPR: "3 Questions"

CPR Ad, "3 Questions":

"Before your congressmen and senators vote on overhauling health care, ask them three questions about a government-run, public option plan:

Woman 1: 'Does the plan guarantee I can keep my own doctor?'

Man: 'Does it guarantee I can keep the health insurance I have now?'

Woman 2: 'Does it guarantee that I won't face health care rationing?'

If Congress can't answer 'yes' to all three questions, tell them to vote 'no' on a public option plan.  Stop government-run health care. Now." [CPR Ad via Politico, 11/2/09]

Answer To Question One: YES

CPR: "Does the plan guarantee I can keep my own doctor?"

PolitiFact.com: True Statement: "Nothing In This Plan Will Require You" To Change Doctors.  According to PolitiFact.com, President Obama "said that if you are [sic] 'already have health insurance through your job, Medicare, Medicaid, or the VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have.' That is true, there is nothing in the plan that proactively forces these kinds of changes, and the bills clearly intend to leave much of the current health care system in place. We rate Obama's statement True." [PolitiFact.com, 9/9/09, emphasis added]

Additionally, the legislation increases payments to Medicare doctors to ensure physicians are able to continue their care of patients.

FactCheck.org: Current Legislation Increases Payments To Doctors To Keep Them In Practice.  FactCheck.org reported: "Lose your own doctor? Many people experience that today, if their employer changes insurance plans, if they change jobs, or if they become uninsured for any reason. Wait longer for care? Given the shortage of family doctors, which is only expected to worsen, we can expect wait times to increase even if the system remains untouched. Pending overhaul legislation aims to ease that, in fact, by increasing certain payments to physicians and making other adjustments to encourage training of primary care physicians." [FactCheck.org, 9/9/09, emphasis added]

Answer To Question Two: YES

CPR: "Does it guarantee I can keep the health insurance I have now?"

PolitiFact.com: "Health Care Reform Will Not Force People Into A Government-Run Plan."  The independent and nonpartisan PolitiFact.com wrote, "we've also found nothing in the proposals so far that would force people off their current coverage into a government-run plan, if they prefer and can pay for private coverage." [PolitiFact.com, 10/28/09]

Answer To Question Three: YES

CPR: "Does it guarantee that I won't face health care rationing?"

"Rationing," also known as "death panels" to Republicans, will not occur under current legislation.

PolitiFact.com Gave "Death Panels" Claim A "Pants On Fire" Rating.  According to PolitiFact.com: "Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin said that seniors and the disabled 'will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care.' We rated that Pants on Fire." [PolitiFact.com, 10/23/09]

Additionally, the legislation prevents insurance companies from rationing care.

FactCheck.org: Current Legislation Will Prevent Insurance Companies From Rationing Care To Customers.  According to FactCheck.org: "Rationing? That occurs on a regular basis today, whenever insurance companies or government programs like Medicare reject claims, or when the companies drop people who have become ill for not disclosing often minor and unrelated preexisting conditions. Under pending legislation, insurance companies would be unable to deny coverage to individuals because of preexisting conditions." [FactCheck.org, 9/9/09, emphasis added]

Note, FactCheck.org responded to a very similar ad CPR put together in September.  You can read their analysis HERE.

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