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Rick Scott: Fear-Mongering Gone Wild

July 15, 2009 2:17 pm ET

On July 15, 2009, Conservatives for Patients Rights founder Rick Scott wrote a column for the right-wing website HumanEvents.com.  In his column, titled "Liberals Gone Wild: Pelosi and Reid Hit Health Care Panic Button," all Rick Scott does is prove that he has a good grasp on what it means to fear monger with his use of words like "panic," "desperation," "ramrod,"  and "trample."

Americans Want Both, Actually

Rick Scott: "...the truth about government-run health care: Americans don't want an overhaul of the system, they just want lower costs." [HumanEvents.com, 7/15/09]

The Majority Of Americans Want Drastic Health Care Reform This Year. According to a USA Today/Gallup poll released on July 14, 2009, "56% of Americans in favor and 33% opposed to Congress' passing major healthcare reform legislation this year." [Gallup.com, 7/14/09]

Only 10 Percentage Points Separate The Americans That Favor Lowering Costs From The Americans That Favor Expanding Coverage.  According to a USA Today/Gallup poll released on July 14, 2009, "Any healthcare reform legislation will likely address the twin problems of covering a large number of uninsured Americans and keeping a lid on quickly rising costs for those who do have insurance. When asked which of the two is the more important goal, the public says, by 52% to 42%, that controlling costs is more crucial than expanding coverage." [Gallup.com, 7/14/09]

And, The Vast Majority Of Americans Favor New Forms Of Revenue To Help Pay For Reform

Poll: A Majority Of Americans Favor New Taxes And Fees To Help Cover Cost Of Health Care Reform. According to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll,

Lots Of Misinformation In Three Sentences

Rick Scott: "So, in a fit of desperation, Congressional liberals hit the panic button and launched a wild bid to ramrod a massive, government-run health care program through both the House and Senate. The House bill is over 1,000 pages, and the Kennedy bill, passed by a straight party-line vote out of the HELP Committee, is just as ominous. Both are loaded with tax increases on millions of Americans, both add trillions more to the deficit, both require significant state spending increases for Medicaid (which most states can't afford now), and, worst of all, both trample patients' rights." [HumanEvents.com, 7/15/09]

House Bill Only Taxes Richest 1.5% Of Americans. According to Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, "about half [of the House bill] is paid for through $500 billion or so in savings from Medicare and Medicaid. The rest comes from a surtax on the richest 1.5 percent. The surtax is 1 percent on income between $350,000 and $500,000; 1.5 percent on income between $500,000 and $1,000,000; and 5.4 percent in income above $1,000,000." [Washington Post, 7/14/09]

One Trillion, Singular

House Bill Will Cost $1 Trillion Over Ten Years.  Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic wrote that the CBO scored the House bill with "net outlays of just over $1 trillion over ten years." [TNR.com, 7/14/09]

Senate Bill Costs Even Less Than What Has Been Set Aside To Pay For Health Care Reform

Obama Has Set Aside $634 Billion For Health Care Over Ten Years. The Washington Post reported that President Obama set aside a "$634 billion reserve fund over the next decade" dedicated to health care reform. [Washington Post, 2/26/09]

Senate Democrats' Health Care Reform To Cost $611 Billion Over Ten Years. Reuters reported that the CBO scoring of the Senate Democrats' "plan to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system has dropped to $611 billion over a decade." [Reuters, 7/2/09]

What Poll Is Rick Scott Reading?

Rick Scott: "Poll after poll shows that the American people do not support a government-run health care system because they know it will increase costs, ruin American businesses, reduce the quality of care, and ration needed treatments. [...] The American people have made it consistently clear that they do not support government run health care.  It is time for Congress to listen to the American people and provide real reform that is good for patients -- not a government run program that the American people know will trample on patients' rights." [HumanEvents.com, 7/15/09]

64% Of Americans Want "A Government Administered Health Insurance Plan."  According to a CBS News poll, 64% of Americans favor "the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan - something like the Medicare coverage...that would compete with private health insurance plans." [CBS News Poll, 7/9-12/09]

Nearly 70% Of Americans Want A Government Option.  A new poll released by Quinnipiac University revealed that 69% of Americans want a government-run health insurance option. [Quinnipiac.edu, 7/1/09]

Nearly 60% Of Americans See Government Involvement In Health Care As A Way To Curb High Costs.  According to a Washington Post/ABC poll: "58 percent said they see government reform as necessary to stall skyrocketing costs and expand coverage for the uninsured." [Washington Post, 6/24/09]

More Than 60% Of Americans Think The Federal Government "Should Guarantee" Health Care For All Americans.  According to a CNN poll, 62% of Americans "think the federal government should guarantee health care for all Americans." [CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, 5/14-17/09]

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