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CPR Letter Illustrates Disconnect With The American People

June 25, 2009 2:36 pm ET

In an email blast on June 24, 2009, Rick Scott of Conservatives for Patients Rights sent a letter regarding President Obama's appearance on ABC to discuss health care.  The letter displays CPR's disconnect with the American people, the facts, and reality.

CPR Needs To Get In Touch With The American People

CPR Email: "We hope ABC will put tough questions to the President and other advocates of government-run health care, but we certainly have our doubts. Speaking of doubts, the American people have plenty themselves."  [Conservatives for Patients Rights email, 6/24/09]

More Than 70% Of Americans Polled Want An Increased Governmental Role In Health Care.  According to CNN, "seventy-two percent of those questioned in recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey say they favor increasing the federal government's influence over the country's health care system in an attempt to lower costs and provide health care coverage to more Americans, with 27 percent opposing such a move." [CNN.com, 3/5/09]

More Than 60% Of Americans Think The Federal Government "Should Guarantee" Health Care For All Americans.  When asked, "Do you think the federal government should guarantee health care for all Americans, or don't you think so?" during a CNN/Opinion Research poll, a majority of Americans, 62%, said "should guarantee," 38% said "don't think so," and 1% "unsure." [CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, 5/14-17/09]

Plurality of Americans Polled Think Health Care Is The Most Pressing Issue For Congress And The President.  According to a New York Times/CBS News Poll conducted February 18-22, 2009 and based on 1,112 respondents, when asked "Beside the economy, which of these domestic policy areas do you want the President and Congress to concentrate on MOST right now - health care, global warming, education, or Social Security?" the respondents' answers were: 40% Health Care, 5% Global Warming, 27% Education, 22% Social Security, 4% Something Else/Combination, and 1% Didn't Know.  [New York Times/CBS Poll, 2/09]

The Majority Of Americans Want An Obama-style Mix Of Public And Private. According to a poll conducted by Lake Research:

CPR Conveniently Only Reports Part Of Complex Poll Results

CPR Email: "The Washington Post reported today on the findings of its own national poll: 'Most respondents are 'very concerned' that health-care reform would lead to higher costs, lower quality, fewer choices, a bigger deficit, diminished insurance coverage and more government bureaucracy.'" [Conservatives for Patients Rights email, 6/24/09, emphasis original]

Poll: Nearly 60% Of Americans See Government Involvement In Health Care As A Way To Curb High Costs.  According to a Washington Post/ABC poll: "58 percent said they see government reform as necessary to stall skyrocketing costs and expand coverage for the uninsured, while 39 percent said they fear any federal action would do more harm than good." [Washington Post, 6/24/09]

Poll: "Specific Provisions...Receive Significant Levels Of Public Support."  According to a Washington Post/ABC poll: "Beyond general backing for governmental action, a few specific provisions under consideration on Capitol Hill receive significant levels of public support, including higher taxes on households with incomes above $250,000, a limit on medical malpractice amounts and, under certain conditions, a law requiring all Americans to carry health insurance. A large majority, 70 percent, opposes a new federal tax on employer-paid health insurance benefits that exceed $17,000 a year." [Washington Post, 6/24/09]

The Analysis Of Health Care Legislation Is Incomplete

CPR Email: "It's tempting to believe that Congress would hear those voices and steer clear of a heavy-handed government takeover of health care in America. But the facts tell us otherwise. Leading Democrats continue to push forward with proposals for government-run health care that would cost more than a trillion dollars while still leaving tens of millions of Americans uninsured." [Conservatives for Patients Rights email, 6/24/09]

The CBO Analysis Of One Of The Democratic Proposals Is Not Complete

The CBO Analysis Does "Not Represent A Formal Or Complete" Cost Or Coverage Estimate.  According to the CBO: "It is important to note, however, that those figures do not represent a formal or complete cost estimate for the draft legislation...Moreover, because expanded eligibility for the Medicaid program may be added at a later date, those figures are not likely to represent the impact that more comprehensive proposals...would have both on the federal budget and on the extent of insurance coverage." [Congressional Budget Office analysis via The Atlantic, 6/15/09, emphasis original]

Sen. Baucus: "We Have Options The Congressional Budget Office Tells Us Would Cost Under $1 Trillion." According to the Washington Independent, Sen. Max Baucus released a statement saying: "We have options the Congressional Budget Office tells us would cost under $1 trillion and are fully paid for. Based on these developments, I'm even more confident in our ability to move forward.  And as I've said before, we will not put out a mark until we are sure we have it right." [Washington Independent, 6/25/09]

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