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Conservatives For Patients Rights Featured Doctor Who Agrees With President Obama

May 31, 2009 3:12 pm ET

In its anti-health care reform infomercial, Conservatives for Patients Rights featured Canadian doctor Brian Day.  During his interview, Dr. Day appeared to agree with President Obama's vision for health care reform.

Dr. Brian Day Echoes President Obama

Both Dr. Brian Day and President Obama favor competition between public and private health care systems.

President Obama: "The thinking on the public option has been that it gives consumers more choices, and it helps give -- keep the private sector honest, because there's some competition out there." [Health Care Summit, Transcript via Talking Points Memo, 3/5/09]

Dr. Brian Day: "I think that privatization introduces that necessary component of competition of a market that will influence and be a yardstick for the public system." [CPR Infomercial, 5/21/09]

Watch Dr. Brian Day in the Conservative for Patients Rights "documentary" infomercial:

Dr. Brian Day Favors Survival Of Canada's Universal Health Care System

As Media Matters Action Network previously noted, Dr. Brian Day favors universal health care:

Dr. Brian Day "Says His Goal Is The Survival Of The Universal Health System." As reported by the Montréal Gazette: "He's been called Dr. Profit and the Darth Vader of health care, but the Canadian Medical Association's new president says his goal is the survival of the universal health system.  Orthopedic surgeon Brian Day, co-founder of the private Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, says he's not promoting a two-tiered United States-style system." [Montréal Gazette, 11/1/07]

Day Supports Publicly Funded Health Care, He Merely Opposes "Flat" Funding.  According to Montréal Gazette, "The way provinces fund hospitals promotes waiting lists, he argued.  Hospitals ration care and operating-room time because they get block funding - that is, an annual budget. Instead, Day proposes, hospitals should get funded for each patient they treat. 'Hospitals look upon patients as a cost,' he said. 'But once a hospital realizes that patients are a source of revenue, albeit government funding ... they will get doctors and operating room time.' What government officials fail to recognize is that they will save billions of dollars when they get rid of waiting periods, Day said." [Montréal Gazette, 11/1/07]

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