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Heritage Foundation Green Jobs Panel - Bought and Paid For By ExxonMobil

May 04, 2009 1:59 pm ET

On May 4, 2009, the Heritage Foundation held a panel titled "Busting the Myth of Green Jobs" to show that the experience of Spain is "more a cautionary tale than a blueprint for success."  Instead of showcasing the views of unbiased academics and economists, the Heritage Foundation put forth a panel of individuals financially connected to ExxonMobil.

The Entire Heritage Foundation Panel Received Money From ExxonMobil

The Panel: "Join Dr. Calzada, along with Institute for Energy Research (IER) economist Robert Murphy, York College (Pa.) professor Tom Bogart, and Heritage energy analyst Ben Lieberman, to explore the lessons of Spain, and examine some of the fundamental flaws in the green jobs-as-an-economic-salve line of argument." [Heritage Foundation, accessed 5/4/09]

The ENTIRE PANEL Received Money From ExxonMobil.

Dr. Gabriel Calzada, Professor, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain:

The lead writer for Wall Street Journal's Environmental Capital blog wrote: "And just where did that study come from? Professor Gabriel Calzada is the founder and president of the Fundacion Juan de Mariana, a libertarian think tank founded in 2005. He's also a fellow of the Center for New Europe, a Brussels-based libertarian think tank that in recent years apparently accepted funding from Exxon Mobil." [Wall Street Journal, 3/30/09; emphasis added]

Robert Murphy, Economist, Institute for Energy Research:

Almost 10% of the Institute for Energy Research's 2007 budget was provided by ExxonMobil. [ExxonMobil 2007 Worldwide Giving Report, accessed 5/4/09; IER 2008 Year in Review; 5/4/09]

William T. "Tom" Bogart, Professor of Economics, York (Pa.) College:

Bogart's recent article Green Jobs Myths "was produced with support from the Institute for Energy Research," who as noted above receives significant funding from ExxonMobil. [Center for American Progress Action Fund, 3/25/09]

Ben Lieberman, Host, Senior Policy Analyst, Energy and Environment, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, the Heritage Foundation:

Heritage receives significant financial support from Exxon. In the organization's 2008 annual report Exxon is listed as a Premier Associate signifying a contribution of at least $50,000. [Heritage Foundation Annual Report 2008]

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