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Steve King Says "Growing Dependency Class" Is "Not As Productive" As The Rich

March 03, 2011 4:31 pm ET - by Salvatore Colleluori

Last night on the House floor, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) discussed his view on those he calls the "dependency class."

KING: They [Pelosi and Obama] were working on their vision of America which is transfer payments, tax the rich, transfer those payments to other people that aren't as fortunate, or I—I'll say not as productive, they may not be as fortunate.

While this is going on, the deficit was growing, a dependency class was growing and that was what was going on. There was a concerted effort to borrow money from the Chinese and transfer that money over into the pockets of a growing dependency class to create a bigger dependency class because that was the political base that was supporting the Democrats and still does.


By labeling anyone who receives government assistance as part of the "dependency class," King evokes Reagan's "welfare queen" image and continues the stereotype that all those who depend on the federal government are lazy and choose to receive federal assistance.

Some of these citizens in his own state include:

The 6.3 percent of Iowans who are currently unemployed because of the financial collapse and sluggish economic recovery.

The 6.8 percent of Iowa workers who are paid at or below minimum wage, who may not have the choice to get a better paying job.

The farmers in King's congressional district that received $216,634,812 in federal USDA farm subsidies in 2009, the 12th highest in the country.

The 513,929 Iowa senior citizens in 2010 dependent upon the federal government for Medicare.

The 470,000 Iowans who are enrolled in Medicaid (who are only eligible if they reach the poverty threshold, which is $18,310 a year for a family of three).

The students of Iowa universities who receive federal financial aid to further their education and seek employment (45,995 Subsidized Stafford Loan borrowers, 46,898 Unsubsidized Stafford Loan borrowers, 2,617 Parent PLUS Loan borrowers, 1,719 Grad PLUS Loan borrowers).

And potentially worst of all, the "50 percent of Iowa students participating in federally subsidized lunch programs."

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