Political Correction

Rep. Steve King: "Planned Parenthood Is Invested In Promiscuity"

March 02, 2011 10:53 am ET - by Alan Pyke

While discussing his plan for defunding the Affordable Care Act on the House floor last night, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) offered his full-throated support for the Republican effort to cut off all funding for Planned Parenthood. "The stance needs to be that we will not vote to fund Obamacare," King said. "And I'm going to add to this, that neither shall we vote to fund Planned Parenthood."

That an arch-conservative pro-life zealot like King is eager to restrict women's health care options is not news, but the reason King gave last night for defunding Planned Parenthood was straight out of a 1950s sex ed class. "Planned Parenthood," King said gravely, "is invested in promiscuity."


To be fair, King implied he might offer a fuller explanation of Planned Parenthood's 'investment' at another time, but this comment by itself is revealing. By suggesting that sexually active women who use family planning services just want license to be 'promiscuous,' King's speech exposes the current anti-abortion drive in the House for what it is: a condescending effort to punish women for some imagined "promiscuity."

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