Political Correction

The GOP Failure To Follow Through

September 22, 2010 8:02 pm ET - by Mike Burns

After months of planning and indecision, Republicans will roll out their long-awaited "Pledge to America" tomorrow as they attempt to present their own governing agenda in the run-up to the midterm elections. The new plan, which draws parallels to the GOP's "Contract with America," will ostensibly serve to redefine the Republican Party and present it as a viable alternative to the Democratic-led Congress and Obama administration. According to Brendan Buck, spokesman for America Speaking Out, a project launched by House Republicans to give the GOP a policy platform to run on, "House Republicans have been listening to the American people, and we're going to put forth a positive agenda that focuses on solutions for the top priorities of the nation." 

But the GOP isn't addressing its problem with following through. Over the past year-and-a-half, Republicans have repeatedly tried, and failed, to launch initiatives in order to convince voters they have new ideas for how to solve the most important problems facing the nation. Time and again, GOPers have hyped their programs to be the greatest things since sliced bread, only to let them fade into obscurity, whether through laziness or ineptitude, not long after their inception. Even those proposals that are still floating around are nothing more than regurgitations of past policies that weren't helpful the first time and certainly aren't helpful now. While Republican leadership remains confident their "pledge" will cast the GOP as a party of fresh ideas, their past efforts tell a much different story. Observe:

Now, there's nothing wrong with Republicans offering their own ideas on how to save the nation, or whatever. Maybe the unveiling of their new agenda will signal the start of a constructive debate that America so needs at this time of economic stress and uncertainty. But if history tells us anything, there's a good chance the "Pledge to America" will taper off before November and add another example to the Republican's already sizable pile of broken promises.

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