Political Correction

Christine O'Donnell Seemingly Embraces Death Panels

September 17, 2010 4:53 pm ET - by Matt Finkelstein

Today, upstart Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) addressed the Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC.  In her speech, O'Donnell rattled off several of the ways in which she believes "the tentacles of big government" are ruining America.  Among her complaints was the Sarah Palin-inspired — and patently false — claim that the government wants "unelected panels of bureaucrats" to decide who should get medical treatment and who is not "worth saving."

O'DONNELL: We've watched the tentacles of big government weasel their way into every part of our lives.  Bureaucrats and politicians in Washington think they should decide what kind of light bulbs we use, what kind of toilets we flush, what kind of car we drive.  Across the river in Alexandria, the green police are trying to put electric monitors in your recycling bin.  They want to tell small businesses what kind of jobs to create, what kind of commercials we can run, what kind of food we can buy or sell.  They even want unelected panels of bureaucrats to decide who gets what life-saving medical care and who is just too old or it's too expensive to be worth saving. 


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