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Multi-Millionaire Carpetbagger Rick Scott Sues Florida Over Election Law

July 08, 2010 6:10 pm ET - by Melinda Warner

Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for governor in Florida, is a piece of work.

He wants everyone to think he'll be a good governor (of a state he's not from, by the way) because of the "success" of his hospital corporation Columbia/HCA.  But when asked about the rampant Medicare fraud committed by staff at Columbia/HCA, and the subsequent $1.7 billion fine and admission of guilt to felony charges, Scott wants everyone to believe that it wasn't his fault.

In other words, he wants all the credit and none of the blame.

And now:

Scott filed suit in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee Wednesday challenging part of Florida's public campaign financing system known as the "millionaire's amendment."

The provision lets traditional candidates such as McCollum get tax dollars to subsidize their campaigns when they are being vastly outspent by independently wealthy candidates like Scott.

Scott must agree to limit his campaign expenditures to $24.9-million in the primary or else the state will give McCollum $1 for every dollar Scott spends over the cap. As Scott inches ever closer to that total, his lawsuit argues that the cap is a violation of his First Amendment rights because it restricts his free speech by benefiting his opponents' speech.

Rick Scott is actually fighting against a law that ensures that elections are a fair fight and mainstream Americans aren't smothered by the excessive spending of those who received $300 million in severance pay the last time they were fired.

In other words, he wants the uber-rich to be able to buy their way into power...and to use that power to help the uber-rich.

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