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Rick Scott And Hannity: Women Will Have To Give Birth In The Streets

August 20, 2009 1:04 pm ET - by Matt Finkelstein

Rick Scott, founder of Conservatives for Patients' Rights, resumed his health care scare tactics on Fox News last night.

Last night, Conservatives for Patients' Rights founder Rick Scott appeared on Fox News' Hannity to discuss health insurance reform. 

Predictably, the interview devolved into a conversation about the supposed horrors of the Canadian and British health care systems -- which, of course, are not the basis for any of the proposals being considered in the U.S.  At one point, host Sean Hannity brought up a woman in Great Britain who "had to give birth on the pavement because they wouldn't send an ambulance."

"Is that what would happen here?" he asked.

"Yeah, absolutely," Scott replied.  Watch it:

Scott must have felt good being back on friendly ground after a brutal interview with CNN's Rick Sanchez earlier this month.  Sanchez pointed out that Scott's former company, Columbia/HCA, was forced to pay the government $1.7 billion for defrauding Medicare

"Some would argue, and it would be hard to say they're wrong, that you would be the poster child for everything that's wrong with the greed that has hurt our current health care system," Sanchez said.  The exchange left Scott "fumbling to justify his health care corruption," Amanda Terkel wrote. 

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