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CPR's Infomercial A "Monet" - Looks Good From Afar, But When You Get Up Close It's Just A Big Old Mess

June 03, 2009 10:57 am ET - by Melinda Warner

On May 31, 2009, Conservatives for Patients Rights paid for thirty minutes of Beltway airtime after NBC's Meet The Press. However, the ad failed to provide any real "information" about health care reform.

The personal stories of medical hardship of the British and Canadian citizens featured in the ad were absolutely heartbreaking.  Rick Scott exploited the victims of these tragic cases to further his own goals.  It's difficult to imagine a loved one being faced with a similar circumstance, knowing the pain will continue long after the camera crews leave.

What about the millions of Americans who suffer every day as a result of the private insurance companies treating them as risky investments and who suffer similar experiences?  Companies that use third-party investigators to determine every detail about a person's health before considering them for individual coverage; companies that charge women more for insurance than men because of the risk of childbirth; or companies that deny coverage across the board for "pre-existing" conditions like car accidents?

The foremost health care reform advocates are not pushing for a Canadian-style, government run, single-payer health care system.  Rick Scott and Conservatives for Patients Rights are wasting their donors' money and health care advocates' time with this constant barrage of misleading information.

In Scott's ideal world, Americans would still find it difficult to provide health coverage for their families and be forced to use the type of standardized, impersonal, retail-based health care offered by Scott's Solantic clinics

Furthermore, Scott's "experts" are a menagerie of suspect personalities.  Dr. Karol Sikora (United Kingdom), Dr. Brian Day (Canada), and Rick Baker (Canadian Medical Broker) all have muddy pasts on the issue of government-run health care systems.  Additionally, Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute has a small interview.  The Cato Institute was founded by and is currently funded by the Koch Foundation.  The vast reach of the Koch Foundation includes Americans for Prosperity and the newly organized Patients United Now - both groups with a history of making flawed, emotional arguments to further their own political goals.

And in case it hasn't been clear, neither Scott nor his group has offered a substantive plan to reform health care. 

This complete lack of real solutions is further proof that Scott has no desire to change ANYTHING. Rather, Scott is desperately fighting to maintain the status quo, which keeps his wallet full and Americans sick in their homes. 

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