Jennifer Rubin Is "'Likud' Rather Than Republican,” Says Top GOP Activist

October 26, 2011 3:50 pm ET — MJ Rosenberg

Erick Erickson, one of the big names on the right, has had it with neoconservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin. Erickson, a commentator at CNN and editor of the influential conservative blog RedState, writes that Rubin: to be a conservative covering the conservative movement, though she has nothing in common with conservatives other than hating terrorists. A conservative friend says she's best understood as 'Likud' rather than Republican or conservative. There's nothing wrong with being Likud, but one ought to be honest about it.

Erickson's immediate complaint about Rubin is that she continuously bashes Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) while making clear her strong personal preference for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R). He points out that the Post supposedly hired Rubin to objectively cover conservative politics, not to promote a particular candidate.

Erickson's reference to Rubin's Likud politics is spot on. Anyone who reads her blog posts understands that the issue that guides all of Rubin's political positions is not taxes, the economy, abortion, gun rights or any of the usual conservative issues. It is support for Binyamin Netanyahu and contempt for any and all Muslims. Rubin must find Perry wanting in those areas (he clearly doesn't hate Muslims as much as Rubin would prefer).

That is probably why Rubin sides with Romney, although he could ultimately disappoint her. As a member of a religious minority, Romney isn't likely to promote religious or cultural bigotry. Perhaps she should consider dropping the "neo" from her conservatism and start thinking like a Republican and not as a spokeswoman for Likud.