Zuhdi Jasser: Rep. Peter King's Conspiracy-Touting Credential-Free Star Witness

March 03, 2011 2:07 pm ET

Rep. Peter King plans to begin hearings on March 10 to investigate the "radicalization of the American Muslim community," allegedly with the aim of shining a light on the supposed failure of America's Muslim communities to cooperate with law enforcement officials investigating terrorist plots. His star witness is Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a physician and former U.S. Navy medical officer with no background in law enforcement or public policy. What Jasser lacks in expertise, he makes up for in ties to right-wing media figures, appearances in documentaries that have been rejected by PBS and the New York Police Department, and a willingness to call Muslim civil rights groups with which he disagrees "fronts" for the Muslim Brotherhood.

King Tapped Jasser For Hearing On Muslim Americans' Lack Of Cooperation With Law Enforcement

King: Jasser Will Testify At March 10 Hearing. Newsday reported of the upcoming hearings: "King said another witness will be Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a physician and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Jasser, a Muslim, has criticized U.S. Muslim leaders as not being cooperative enough with law enforcement, King said." [Newsday via House Homeland Security Committee, 2/26/11]

King Said Hearings Were Necessary Due To Law Enforcement Concerns About Muslim Cooperation. From the New York Times:

The Republican who will head the House committee that oversees domestic security is planning to open a Congressional inquiry into what he calls "the radicalization" of the Muslim community when his party takes over the House next year.

Representative Peter T. King of New York, who will become the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he was responding to what he has described as frequent concerns raised by law enforcement officials that Muslim leaders have been uncooperative in terror investigations.

He cited the case of Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan man and a legal resident of the United States, who was arrested last year for plotting to bomb the New York subway system. Mr. King said that Ahmad Wais Afzali, an imam in Queens who had been a police informant, had warned Mr. Zazi before his arrest that he was the target of a terror investigation.

"When I meet with law enforcement, they are constantly telling me how little cooperation they get from Muslim leaders," Mr. King said. [New York Times, 12/16/10]

Jasser Lacks Credentials To Speak On The Hearings' Topic

NY Times: Jasser "Has Little Following Among Muslims," Portrays American Muslim Leaders As "Radical Islamists." From the New York Times: "[King] said the only witness he had settled on for certain of the three he would call in the first hearing was Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a doctor from Arizona and an American military veteran who has little following among Muslims but has become a favorite of conservatives for his portrayal of American Muslim leaders as radical Islamists." [New York Times, 2/8/11]

Jasser's Resume "Lacks Any Community Leadership Roles, Any Policy Or Academic Expertise." The Washington Post reported:

So what expertise or constituency justifies this medical doctor being the only non-congressman King has named? "A lifetime of practicing my faith," he said in a telephone interview.

To Heather Hurlburt, executive director of the National Security Network, a progressive foreign-policy think tank, Jasser's resume lacks any community leadership roles, any policy or academic expertise.

"These aren't people who we normally expect the policy process to produce," she said. [Washington Post, 2/27/11]

Jasser Is A Doctor By Education And Training, Lacks Credentials Or Background In Law Enforcement. The American Islamic Forum for Democracy, an entity founded and run by Jasser, provides the following bio:

M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. is the President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD). A devout Muslim, Dr. Jasser founded AIFD in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States as an effort to provide an American Muslim voice advocating for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Consitution, liberty and freedom, and the separation of mosque and state. He is leading the fight to shake the hold that the Muslim Brotherhood and their Network of American Islamist organizations and mosques have on organizxed Islam in America.

A former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy, Dr. Jasser served 11 years as a medical officer. His tours of duty included Medical Department Head aboard the U.S.S. El Paso which deployed to Somalia during Operation Restore Hope; Chief Resident at Bethesda Naval Hospital; and Staff Internist for the Office of the Attending Physician to the United States Congress. He is a recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal.

Dr. Jasser is a nationally recognized expert in the contest of ideas against Political Islam and American Islamist organizations. He has spoken at hundreds of national and international events including college and universities, places of worship, government venues, and many other public functions. On October 1, 2009, Dr. Jasser briefed members of Congress on the threat of Political Islam. He regularly briefs members of the House and Senate congressional anti-terror caucuses. In 2007 and 2008, Dr. Jasser lectured on Islam to deploying officers at the Joint Forces Staff College. In 2007, Dr. Jasser was part of a select group that briefed Admiral Mike Mullen on the "Contest of Ideas with the Muslim World." Dr. Jasser was presented with the 2007 Director's Community Leadership Award by the Phoenix office of the FBI and was recognized as a "Defender of the Home Front" at the annual Keeper of the Flame Dinner of the Center for Security Policy.

Dr. Jasser is a contributing writer to the newly released book The Other Muslims: Moderate and Secular (Palgrave Macmillan), edited by Hudson Institute Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies Zeyno Baran. Dr. Jasser was also recently featured in The Third Jihad, produced by PublicScope Films. Dr. Jasser narrrates this documentary about the threat of radical Islamism to the West. Dr. Jasser is also featured in the controversial PBS film, Islam v Islamists produced by ABG Films, Inc. in 2007. This film was initially banned from distribution on PBS stations as originally intended in theCrossroads program, but was then aired in a limited distribution to some affiliates.

Dr. Jasser is a respected physician currently in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in internal medicine and nuclear cardiology. He is the recent Past-President of the Arizona Medical Association. [AIFDemocracy.org, accessed 3/1/11]

Critic: Unlike Other Muslim Organizations, Jasser's Group Does Not Actively Promote Muslim Cooperation With Law Enforcement. From the December 2, 2010, edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

MUHAMMAD ALI HASAN, CO-FOUNDER OF MUSLIMS FOR AMERICA: Well, the problem I have with Dr. Jasser is that I've got documentation here from the top three Muslim groups, ISNA, CAIR and MPAC, when you look at them -- ISNA right now is running a workshop to get American Muslims hired by the Homeland Security Department. MPAC has a page. They have run a program for five years now connecting the FBI with mosques that's been very successful. And CAIR has page where they list FBI information and they encourage Muslims to report suspicious activity.

This is Dr. Jasser's group, the American Islamic Forum. This is their page. There is nothing here, resources linking Muslims to the FBI or CIA or Homeland Security. This the volunteer page.

The thing that Jasser is asking for most is help with marketing and help with fundraising. So, I think it's a bit -- I this Dr. Jasser is being a double-talking hypocrite.

[HOST BILL] O'REILLY: Well, wait a minute now. I mean, you are attacking the man personally.


O'REILLY: Hold it, Mr. Hasan, knock it off, man. Knock it off. You are attacking the man personally. We don't do that here. So, stop it right now. His -- Mr. Jasser -

HASAN: He is the only group that doesn't help connect Muslims with the FBI. [Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor via Nexis, 12/2/10]

Jasser Regularly Attacks Muslim Civil Rights Groups as "Front[s]" For The Muslim Brotherhood

Jasser Claimed Islamic Civil Rights Groups Are "The Muslim Brotherhood In America." From Glenn Beck's February 4 Fox News show:

BECK: Yes or no -- is this kind of stuff planted throughout and we're all turning a blind eye?

JASSER: It's not only planted, it's been spreading by the Wahhabists from oil dollars in Saudi Arabia spread -

BECK: But here in America?

JASSER: And the Muslim Brotherhood in America is the nonviolent Islamist political groups that we all know that you talked about. The Islamic Society of North America, CAIR, et cetera, that are nonviolent, but within their own programs have not been about reform and the separation of mosque and state, which is what our organization is about, about First Amendment, the establishment clause. But rather, they're about just using the concept of minority status to anesthetize America to real issue of us of Islamism and Sharia. [Fox News' Glenn Beck via Nexis, 2/4/11]

Jasser Believes The Major American Muslim Organizations Want To Turn America Into "An Islamic State." In his contribution to the book The Other Muslims by Zeyno Baran, Jasser criticizes a number of American Muslim organizations:

Sometimes, when I discuss these ideas, my detractors insist that I am advocating American exceptionalism and a blind patriotism. In fact, American Islamist organizations such as Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and Muslim American Society (MAS), to name a few that purport to represent Muslims, also advocate a form of American patriotism. But their patriotism involves taking the American flag and adding a little crescent - and, of course, turning America into an Islamic state. [The Other Muslims, p. 184]

Jasser: Muslim Brotherhood Is "Absolutely" In America, Muslims Who Deny It Are "Obfuscating Their Muslim Responsibility." From Glenn Beck's February 14 radio show:

BECK: Zudhi, is the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States?

JASSER: Absolutely. If you look at anybody that looks at any of the work being done, whether it's the Holy Land Foundation trial that showed a whole nexus, our documentary "The Third Jihad" put out by the Clarion Fund talks about the documents that were demonstrated from 1991 that showed a whole nexus of operating organizations that were founded by members that came out of the Brotherhood out of Egypt and out of the Middle East. And the bottom line is, when you say "Brotherhood," I know many on the left say, "Well, this is all conspiracy theories," and they're not card-carry members per se, but to me as an active Muslim, we formed our organization, the American Islamic Forum for democracy, because the Brotherhood is much more than the Brotherhood. It's an ideology of political Islam, it's a mixture of mosque and state, it's the desire to establish Islamic state and put Sharia law into the government. And these Muslims who deny that actually what they're doing is obfuscating their Muslim responsibility to reform our faith into modernity and to separate mosque and state. They're obfuscating the direct connection between the separatist ideology of Islamism and Western society's values. [Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program2/14/11]

Jasser: Muslim Civil Rights Organizations Are "Front Organizations." From Beck's February 14 radio show:

JASSER: CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America and others are front organizations. Why? Because their entire mantra is about victimology, it's that, "Well, terrorism is the West's fault, it's basically because Muslims are attacked." They use that so-called narrative that if somehow American foreign policy would change or anti-Islam rhetoric would change, that somehow terrorism would go away, and they don't recognize that it's a problem within the house of Islam that needs reform.  [Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program2/14/11]

Jasser And His Right-Wing Organization Regularly Make Absurd Claims, Smear Democrats and Progressives

Jasser Is President And Founder Of The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD). From Jasser's bio on AIFDemocracy.org: "M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. is the President and Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD)."  [AIFDemocracy.org, accessed 3/1/11]

AIFD: Obama Terrorism Advisor John Brennan "Deserves Honorary Membership In The Muslim Brotherhood." In a February press release, AIFD wrote:

AIFD is horrified that the nation's leading expert on counterterrorism would allow himself to become a shill for the very political movement (Islamism) which ultimately fuels the radicals from which he is expected to protect the United States.

Defeating the ideology of Political Islam (Islamism) needs to be the focal point of the United States efforts at ending Islamist extremism. Yet again we see a highly placed government official unable to identify and discuss the root of the threat. Brennan was more focused, if not obsessed, on appealing to the narrative of victimology that is being perpetuated by well-funded Islamists in the American Muslim communities. His inability to even mention the words "political Islam" speaks volumes on the administrations capability to confront the radicals the United States is increasingly facing.

"As an American Muslim, John Brennan's apologies deeply offend me and set back true efforts at reforming my faith" said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, President and Founder of AIFD. "Brennan and the Administration may as well register as publicists and promotional agents for the Muslim Brotherhood and their ideology." [AIFDemocracy.org, 2/18/10, emphasis added]

Jasser: Obama Administration "Un-American" For Hiring Muslim Policy Experts Recommended By Muslim-American Organization. Jasser wrote in an April 2009 column for Family Security Matters:

With that platform laid out, the [Congressional Muslim Staffers Association] also began a push during the transition to distribute a "Resume Book" of Muslims to offices on the Hill including the House, Senate, and the White House. [...]

If the Obama administration or any group in leadership uses the fruit of this effort to fill their staff rolls they will be simply grabbing the lowest hanging fruit which showed up in a booklet on their desk quite by design. This, in fact, seems un-American from an administration which prides itself on being a "post-racial" candidacy which spent little time on identity politics and purported to want to focus on ideas." [FamilySecurityMatters.org, 4/15/09]

Jasser: "Ground Zero Mosque" Threatens Religious Liberty Of Our Children. In an August 2010 press release, Jasser said:

Mr. President this is not about religious freedom. It is about the importance of the World Trade Center site to the psyche of the American People. It is about a blatant attack on our sovereignty by people whose ideology ultimately demands the elimination of our way of life. While Imam Faisal Rauf may not share their violent tendencies he does seem to share a belief that Islamic structures are a political statement and even Ground Zero should be looked upon through the lens of political Islam and not a solely American one.

As a Muslim desperate to reform his faith, your remarks take us backwards from the day that my faith will come into modernity. I do not stand to eliminate Imam Rauf's religious freedom; I stand to make sure that my children's religious freedom will be determined by the liberty guaranteed in the American Constitution and not by clerics or leaders who are apologists for shar'iah law and will tell me what religious freedom is. [AIFDemocracy.org, 8/15/10]

AIFD: "Political Correctness" Caused The Fort Hood Attack. In a press release, AIFD wrote:

The United States Military needs a systemic and cultural analysis to eliminate the influence of political correctness in its handling of Islamist radicalization issues. [...]

The military and other branches of the U.S. government must undertake a comprehensive process to eradicate the climate of fear and political correctness when dealing with the theo-political ideologies of Muslims within their ranks. This climate contributed greatly to the misguided actions of the officers supervising Major Hasan. To scapegoat those officers without addressing the pathologies and impact of the climate in which they operate compounds the problem rather than solves it. Our greatest liability is not those officers but the politically correct climate in America today which is negligently blind to the threat of political Islam. [AIFDemocracy.org, 1/18/10, emphasis added]

Jasser: Congressman Keith Ellison "Is In Direct Conflict With His Oath To Protect And Defend The Constitution Of The United States Of America." AIFD denounced Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) for his appearance as a keynote speaker for the Muslim-American advocacy organization CAIR:

"As an American-Muslim I am deeply offended that the nation's highest elected Muslim official openly supports Islamist groups," said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, President of AIFD. "Ellison's support of Islamist groups like CAIR which believes in the Islamic state is in direct conflict with his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America." [AIFDemocracy.org, 9/14/09]

Jasser Narrated "Wacky" Third Jihad Doc That Was Rejected By NYPD

Jasser "Featured In" The Third Jihad. Jasser's bio states: "Dr. Jasser was also recently featured in The Third Jihad, produced by PublicScope Films. Dr. Jasser narrrates [sic] this documentary about the threat of radical Islamism to the West." [AIFDemocracy.org, accessed 3/1/11]

Jasser Sits On Advisory Board Of Clarion Fund, The Organization That Released The Film. According to the Clarion Fund's website, RadicalIslam.org, Jasser sits on its advisory board. [RadicalIslam.org, accessed 3/3/11]

Village Voice: Film Screened By NYPD, Was "A Spectacularly Offensive Smear Of American Muslims." From a January 19 Village Voice article:

The bad news was that it was a spectacularly offensive smear of American Muslims. The film is called The Third Jihad. It is 72 minutes of gruesome footage of bombing carnage, frenzied crowds, burning American flags, flaming churches, and seething mullahs. All of this is sandwiched between a collection of somber talking heads informing us that, while we were sleeping, the international Islamist Jihad that wrought these horrors has set up shop here and is quietly going about its deadly business. This is the final drive in a 1,400-year-old bid for Muslim world domination, we're informed. And while we may think there are some perfectly reasonable Muslim leaders and organizations here in the U.S., that is just more sucker bait sent our way.

"Americans are being told that most of the mainstream Muslim groups are moderate," says the narrator, "when in fact if you look a little closer you'll see a very different reality. One of their primary tactics is deception."

The message here is that lurking behind those veils and prayer caps is a secret plan to impose a religious order out of the Dark Ages here in the U.S. The favorite image in The Third Jihad-shown over and over-is an enormous black-and-white Islamic flag flying over the White House.

This is pretty toxic stuff, the kind of film likely to spark a picket line at a local theater. In this case, however, the impact is somewhat more sinister, since the audience was law enforcement officers attending a mandatory prep session on what to know about the terrorist threat. [Village Voice, 1/19/11]

NYPD Deputy Commissioner: Film "Inappropriate" And "Wacky," Should Not Have Been Shown, Will Not Be Shown Again By Department. From the Village Voice article:

"After it was over, I was thinking, 'What was that?' " said a cop who saw the movie at a training facility used by the department in Coney Island. "It was so ridiculously one-sided. It just made Muslims look like the enemy. It was straight propaganda."

As it happens, police officials agree that this is a "wacky movie," as deputy commissioner Paul Browne said, that never should have been shown to officers. Browne initially insisted that cops had never seen the flick. "It was reviewed and found to be inappropriate," he said. Further checking revealed that the movie had been aired for officers. It was a mistake, Browne said. "It was not approved for the curriculum. It's not shown for any purpose now."

Browne said his information is that The Third Jihad was shown only "a couple of times when officers were filling out paperwork before the actual coursework began." The cop who spoke to the Voice said it was a bit more formal than that: "The instructor introduced it with a warning that some people found it offensive," he said. [Village Voice, 1/19/11]

Jasser Appeared In Islam vs. Islamists Documentary That Was Banned From PBS

Jasser "Featured" In Islam vs. Islamists Film. Jasser's bio states: "Dr. Jasser is also featured in the controversial PBS film, Islam v Islamists produced by ABG Films, Inc. in 2007." [AIFDemocracy.org, accessed 3/1/11]

Film "Was Originally Slated To Run" On PBS But Was "Axed" By The Network. Fox News reported in 2007:

A controversial film that PBS axed from its documentary series about the post-Sept. 11 world will be broadcast for the first time nationwide this week by the FOX News Channel.

The documentary, originally titled "Islam vs. Islamists," was produced by ABG Films with $675,000 in public funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was originally slated to run earlier this year as part of PBS' "America at a Crossroads" series.

The film follows moderate Muslims who have challenged the "Islamists" who espouse a more radical view of their religion. The film shows the Islamists advocating, among other things, the imposition of Sharia law on Muslims in the West, the stoning of women who commit adultery, and even violence and terrorism. [...]

After viewing the film PBS executives in charge of the "America at a Crossroads" series told the filmmakers that it was "alarmist" and "overreaching" and that PBS would not run it.

Burke and Gaffney, a former Reagan administration official, said that they made a series of changes to accommodate PBS. Ultimately, however, they concluded the problem wasn't their film, but liberal bias at PBS. [FoxNews.com, 10/18/07

PBS: Islam vs. Islamists Is "Flawed By Incomplete Storytelling ... And A General Lack Of Attention To The Obligation Of Fairness." Frank Gaffney, one of the creators of the film Islam vs. Islamists, wrote:

The Public Broadcasting Service and its Washington flagship station, WETA, refused to air this film. While a number of explanations have been given for that decision - including demonstrably false claims that the documentary was not submitted on time, was too long, was unfinished, the officially stated reason is that it was: "flawed by incomplete storytelling, a limited focus that does not adequately corroborate the film's conclusions, and a general lack of attention to the obligation of fairness, which requires that viewers have access to additional context and relevant information about a complex subject." [Townhall.com, 3/1/11

Fox Hosts Jasser To Do Damage Control For Employees Accused Of Anti-Islam Comments

After O'Reilly Was Criticized For Saying "Muslims Killed Us On 9-11," He Hosted Jasser To Say He was "Absolutely Not" Offended

O'Reilly Statement That "Muslims Killed Us On 9-11" Prompted Walk-Off By Hosts Of The View. From Yahoo! News:

"The View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar stormed off the set Thursday during a contentious interview with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

As the cast debated whether there should be a community center and mosque built in Lower Manhattan,

O'Reilly declared that "Muslims killed us on 9/11" to back up his position that it's "inappropriate."

"Oh my God!" Goldberg responded, before uttering a few words bleeped out.

"Muslims didn't kill us on 9/11?" O'Reilly responded. "Is that what you're saying?"

Goldberg called O'Reilly an "extremist" as several of the co-hosts responded to O'Reilly's statement that "Muslims" -- and not Muslim radicals, extremists or terrorists -- killed "us" on 9/11.

Behar, who had told O'Reilly that Muslims have a right to build it because "this is America," said that she no longer "want[ed] to sit here now" after the Fox star's remarks. Behar and Goldberg then left the studio. [Yahoo! News, 10/14/10]

On Fox, Jasser Said He Was "Absolutely Not" Offended by O'Reilly's Comment. From The O'Reilly Factor:

O'REILLY: So, Doctor, were you offended when I said Muslims attacked us on 9/11? 

ZUHDI JASSER, M.D., AMERICAN ISLAMIC FORUM FOR DEMOCRACY: Absolutely not, Bill. I want to thank you for your courage and really thank what many of us - what I've been saying. We formed the organization because we recognize that this is a Muslim problem and it needs a Muslim solution.

It's not my Islam. It's not the Islam I love. My parents came to this country because we were escaping governments that were oppressive, run by Muslim majorities and we realized that organizations like the brotherhood, and others globally are spreading ideas that are part of a theopolitical movement that endangers our security.

Until we recognize it, until we have the courage to name them as, yes, some Muslims, not all, but the problem, the solution comes from within the faith and we can't fix the problem.

And you remember our founding fathers had the skill of talking about religion publicly. But we seemed to have lost that and now the left wants to use as it a way to get at the right and we are losing the war of ideas. [Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor via Nexis, 10/15/10]

After NPR Fired Williams For Controversial Comments, Fox Hosted Jasser To Say He Was "Absolutely Not" Offended By Them

Juan Williams Fired By PBS, Hired By Fox In Wake Of Controversial Comments About Muslims. From the Washington Post:

NPR said it fired commentator Juan Williams because of a pattern of commentaries that violated the news organization's guidelines, and not solely because of Williams's statements about Muslims and terrorism on a Fox News program earlier this week. [...]

For its part, Fox News on Thursday awarded Williams a new multiyear contract worth nearly $2 million that will expand his role on the cable news channel and its Web site. In a statement that indirectly referenced his firing by NPR, Fox News chief Roger Ailes called Williams "an honest man whose freedom of speech is protected by Fox News on a daily basis."

NPR fired Williams, 56, late Wednesday after he appeared on Fox News's "O'Reilly Factor" two nights earlier. In a discussion about terrorism with host Bill O'Reilly, Williams said: "But when I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they're identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous." [Washington Post, 10/22/10]

On Fox, Jasser Said He Was "Absolutely Not" Offended By Williams' Comments. From Fox News' Happening Now:

BILL HEMMER: And so much of this debate has excluded the opinion of the Muslim community now. For reaction on that, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Doctor, good morning and welcome back here.


HEMMER: You followed it. You heard what Juan said the other night. Were you offended?

JASSER: Absolutely not. I mean, I can't tell you how important this issue is. As a Muslim we know that we want to take responsibility for fixing our problem and I hope America understands that we can't begin to fix the problem that we can't even talk about our fears. [Fox News' Happening Now via Nexis, 10/22/10]

Guest-Hosting For O'Reilly, Juan Williams Hosts Jasser To Say Muslim Groups Were Acting Like Victims. From The O'Reilly Factor:

WILLIAMS: Dr. Jasser, when you hear this kind of rhetoric that somehow suggests that yes, we have a right to respond to Juan Williams and then they have a right to fire him, doesn't that saying we're shutting down the dialogue?

DR. ZUHDI JASSER, MD, AMERICAN ISLAMIC FORUM FOR DEMOCRACY: Well, Juan, all I can tell you is: welcome to our world and that you are collateral damage in a war of ideas where groups like CAIR, that come out of the ideology of political Islam, are all about diversionary tactics, about avoiding the real problem that we have in our ideology of pure political transnational movement that includes groups like the Brotherhood, that many of these groups were hatched from.

So, they're all about diverting it, talking about Islamophobia, talking about bigotry when, in fact, they are wanting to divert it from -- you know, the issue of fear that you so appropriately brought up is just the first layer of the discussion, because deeper within that is the root cause of terrorism, which is an ideology that feeds that and groups like CAIR don't want to talk about reform. They don't want to acknowledge that.

You know, he in this interview with Megyn continues to talk about Muslim concern that he represents. Well, we are a diverse community that's represented by, I think, most American Muslims that aren't victim-mongers, that take seriously our responsibility for reform and are going to listen to your entire interview and realize that the vast majority of what you said acknowledges that Muslims have equal rights, but also acknowledge a reality of fear that needs a deeper treatment. [The O'Reilly Factor via Nexis, 10/22/10]

Jasser Closely Tied To Right-Wing Media Figures Like Glenn Beck And Andrew Breitbart

Beck: Jasser Is "One Muslim That We Were All Searching For After 9-11," And "A Voice That I Trust." From Beck's February 14 radio show:

BECK: In case you don't know Dr. Zudhi Jasser, he is a practicing Muslim, and he is one Muslim that we were all searching for after 9-11, somebody who comes out and says "Jihad, blowing yourself up, is an abomination," and he has been trying to root out the evils in his own religion for a while. He is a brave, brave, man. There are other voices that say these things -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali comes to mind, but she is not Muslim. Zudhi is, and he is a patriotic American and a voice that I trust. [Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program2/14/11]

Beck To Jasser: "I'm Proud To Be Called Your Friend." From Beck's February 14 radio show:

BECK: Zudhi Jasser, he's the president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Go to his website, find out more information. AIFDemocracy.org. Zudhi, I'm proud to be called your friend and I thank you for all of the hard work that you've done and the risks that you take, and keep it up, brother. [Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program2/14/11]

Beck And Jasser Have Known Each Other For Years; Met When Beck Was Looking For A Muslim To Say "This Has Got To Stop." From Beck's February 4 Fox News show: 

BECK:  First, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.

He's name is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and he is -- Zuhdi, where are you? There you are.

Zuhdi is a good friend of mine. We met, I don't know, five years ago, six years ago?


BECK: After 9/11 I said -- have a sit, Zuhdi. I said, where is -- where is the Muslim that is coming out and saying this has got to stop? Still a good practicing Muslim. I found you five years ago and you have steadfast calling for peace and saying this is not what we're supposed to be.

So, let's -- by the way, he's the founder and president of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and a real American patriot. [Fox News' Glenn Beck via Nexis, 2/4/11]

Jasser Is A Contributor To Andrew Breitbart's "BigPeace.com." Jasser is listed on BigPeace.com as a "contributor" and has provided a number of columns and quotes to the right-wing website.  [BigPeace.com, accessed 3/1/11]

Jasser Helped Glenn Beck Push His Theory Of A Global Marxist Revolution And Islamic Caliphate

As Egyptian protestors took to the streets in late January, Glenn Beck began using his Fox News and radio programs to weave an elaborate theory about the forces behind the uprising. Beck has connected the protests and violence in Egypt to, among other things, Islamic socialists, Marxist communists, Bill Ayers, Code Pink, ACORN co-founder Wade Rathke, the Tides Foundation's Drummond Pike, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the AFL-CIO. On his February 4 Fox News show, which capped off Beck's week of conspiratorial programs, Beck hosted Jasser to provide support for key aspects of his theory.

After Beck Laid Out His Conspiracy Theory, Jasser Explained Role Of "Islamic Socialism" In Egypt Uprising. From Beck's February 4 Fox News show:

BECK: One other piece because Zuhdi is probably the best guy to explain Islamic socialism.

Can you explain how the two are coming together?

JASSER: Yes, I think, you know, from our environment, it's sort of how the far, far left communism and Marxism comes together with the far right and fascism, and western politics in our history.

And Islamic socialism, theocracy looks to collectivize the community into one, which is that this is a dominion of God, it's a nation state, and Islamic state that is God's nation and under Islam, under Sharia law. So, Islamic socialism, you'll see in Islamist in Europe will come together with the left on the nanny state program that the government is supposed to provide welfare state, schools, education, health care, et cetera. But then come together also with the far right on family issues, et cetera. But far more to the right where they oppress women and become fascist and their oppression of minorities and supremacists.

So, Islamic socialism is a collectivism under the ideas (ph) of an oligarchy of clerics that interpret law like we see in Iran.

BECK: Zuhdi, people are saying it doesn't exist, it's not real.

JASSER: Well, I can tell you, it's existing and it's growing. And we've been missing in action. There is a war of ideas that we need to be involved in and we simply say, OK, now, Mubarak is going away, our security is going to be threatened. Our security is not stable right now. Mubarak has allowed these people to spread their ideas because it gives him legitimacy to oppress the moderate reform that needs to happen.

The Muslim community is starving for reform. Many of the families and Muslims I know, that's not the Islamic practice. We came to this country because of the inalienable rights that this government gives us. And I think, just as we allowed Poland and Czechoslovakia and other countries to repair from communist oppression, and we were involved on the ground in that progress -- now, I think, Egypt is going to wake us up to get involved in the ground on the process. [Fox News' Glenn Beck via Nexis, 2/4/11]

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