Kobach In Albertville, AL

July 15, 2010 10:32 am ET

Citing his 46% success rate and referring to other towns who said they would not go through the process again, the city of Albertville, AL voted against hiring Kris Kobach to represent them in possible immigration cases.

Albertville, AL

Albertville, AL Has A Population Of Just Over 20,000.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Albertville, AL had a population of 20,141 in 2009.  [U.S. Census Bureau, accessed 7/14/10]

Albertville Council Voted Against Hiring Kobach

Albertville Passed On Hiring Kobach As Immigration Attorney.  According to the Gadsden Times: "At its regular meeting Monday, the Albertville City Council voted 3-2 against a resolution that would have called for retaining immigration attorney Kris Kobach to represent the city as needed." [Gadsden Times, 4/16/10]

Albertville City Council Member: "Towns Which Passed Similar Resolutions Said They Would Not Do It Again." According to the Gadsden Times: "Council Member Randy Amos added, 'The advice I have gotten from towns which passed similar resolutions said they would not do it again.'" [Gadsden Times, 4/16/10]

Albertville City Council Member: Kobach "Has Been Only 46 Percent Accurate." According to the Gadsden Times, Albertville City Council Member Randy Amos "also said Kobach 'has been only 46 percent accurate.'" [Gadsden Times, 4/16/10]

Sand Mountain Reporter: Kobach Sees Small Towns "As Financial Windfalls." In an editorial, Ben Shurett, publisher of the Sand Mountain Reporter, stated: "I fear Mr. Kobach targets town like ours, and towns like Hazleton, Pa., Valley Park, Mo., and Farmers Branch, Texas, as financial windfalls. I think he comes to our towns and says things to imply Albertville is paying an additional $6 million to $10 million to educate children of illegal immigrants and incite people into hiring him. I think he preys on the legitimate concerns, the irrational fears and even some bigoted attitudes to convince cities to hire him to represent their interests in lawsuits that may not be winnable." [Sand Mountain Reporter, 4/27/10]