Angle Lies About Her Plan To Eliminate Social Security

June 14, 2010 10:23 am ET

In a June 14, 2010 appearance on Fox & Friends, Nevada Republican Sharron Angle claimed it is "nonsense" to suggest she "wants to get rid of Social Security." In reality, Angle's own website calls for Social Security (and Medicare) to be "transitioned out."

Angle: "I Always Said We Need To Make The Lockbox A Lockbox"

STEVE DOOCY (host): Someone said that you are out to get rid of Social Security. That's not true, right?

SHARRON ANGLE: Well that's nonsense. I have always said that we need to make the lockbox a lockbox, put the money in there for our senior citizens. They came here in good faith, paying into a system that Harry Reid has put an IOU in. For 24 years he has been raiding Social Security, and what we need to do is personalize Social Security and Medicare so that the government can no longer raid it.

Angle Thinks Social Security Should Be "Transitioned Out"

Angle's Website Touts "Free Market Alternatives" To Social Security.  According to Sharron Angle's campaign website:

Social Security and its attendant Medicare are broken and bankrupt systems because we, as voting citizens, have allowed congress to transform these systems from insurance programs to and entitlement programs. The government must continue to keep its contract with seniors, who entered into the system on good faith and now are depending on that contract. (Pat Boone, a champion for seniors and the spokesman for 60's Plus, has endorsed Sharron Angle's candidacy.)

Free market alternatives, which offer retirement choices to employees and employers, must be developed and offered to those still in their wage earning years, as the Social Security system is transitioned out. [, accessed 6/14/10, emphasis added]