FLASHBACK: Rep. Pence Praised Bush's Executive Order Banning Abortion Funding

March 22, 2010 10:59 am ET

In a compromise with pro-life Democrats, President Obama agreed to issue an Executive Order restating the ban on federal funding for elective abortion.  Rather than praise the President, Rep. Mike Pence belittled the action, saying, "the American people will be fooled by this and the fact the President is signing a piece of paper." Yet when President Bush signed an Executive Order banning funding for abortion, Pence declared it was upholding "a fundamental axiom of western civilization," the "belief in the sanctity of human life."

2010: Rep. Mike Pence Belittled Pro-Life Executive Order As "A Piece Of Paper"

Rep. Mike Pence:

"It is disappointing to see Members of Congress exchange 30 years of pro-life law for a piece of paper from the most pro-abortion president in American history. We'll stay in this fight, we really believe the American people know now there is public funding for abortion in this bill. I would cite my colleague, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who said on television today, 'an Executive Order cannot change the law,' and I don't think the American people will be fooled by this and the fact the President is signing a piece of paper, Executive Order that, would be thrown out by the courts, if it contradicted the statutory language of the law. I don't think the American people will be fooled. The way we can prevent public funding of abortion is by rejecting the legislation and starting over, immediately with the kind of legislation that will respect the common sense and the common values of the American people." [House Republican Conference, 3/21/10; emphasis added]

2001: Rep. Mike Pence Praised Pro-Life Executive Order

Rep. Mike Pence:

I stand in firm support of President Bush's Executive Order. A fundamental axiom of western civilization is the belief in the sanctity of human life. The U.S. Congress must be about the business of reasserting this crucial principle in our law and our society. [As quoted in a Press Release from Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) via Nexis, 2/15/01; emphasis added]