Tea Party Express Attacks Coakley Over Bush's Deficit

January 14, 2010 1:43 pm ET

On January 14, 2010, the Tea Party Express released an ad endorsing Massachusetts state senator Scott Brown. The ad uses the fiscal year 2009 budget deficit to attack Massachusetts state attorney general Martha Coakley and Washington Democrats. However, even the New York Times article shown in the ad explains Obama's deficit was largely inherited from the Bush administration.

In Anti-Coakley Ad, Tea Pary Express Attacks "$1.4 Trillion Deficit"

Tea Party Express Ad Attacks Coakley, Democrats Over "$1.4 Trillion Deficit." In an ad endorsing Massachusetts state senator Scott Brown, Tea Party Express attacks Massachusetts state attorney general Martha Coakley for the FY 2009 deficit:

[Tea Party Express ad, accessed 1/14/10]

The New York Times Article Featured In The Ad Places Blame On Bush's Shoulders

The New York Times Article Featured In The Ad Places Deficit On President Bush's TARP Program.  The October 16, 2009 New York Times article featured in the Tea Party Express ad states:

The 2009 fiscal year began last October, just as President George W. Bush and Congress were contending with the near-collapse of the financial system and working to enact what became a $700 billion rescue plan. After Mr. Obama took office, administration officials calculated that the deficit would surpass $1.2 trillion. Mr. Geithner and Mr. Orszag recalled that forecast in their statement on Friday.

The 2009 deficit, they said, "was largely the product of the spending and tax policies inherited from the previous administration, exacerbated by a severe recession and financial crisis that were under way as the current administration took office."

The economic recovery efforts, through the Troubled Asset Relief Program for financial institutions, known as Tarp, and the $787 billion, two-year stimulus package, accounted for just under a quarter of the deficit, they said. [New York Times, 10/16/09; emphasis added]

Before Obama Took Office, The Deficit Was Projected To Be $1.2 Trillion

Before Obama Took Office, The FY 2009 Deficit Was Projected At $1.2 Trillion. According to the Washington Times: "President-elect Barack Obama vowed Wednesday to tackle Social Security and Medicare spending as this year's deficit was projected to reach $1.2 trillion and with Congress preparing to run that figure even higher with its economic recovery package. [...] The Congressional Budget Office announced a projected fiscal 2009 deficit of $1.2 trillion even if Congress doesn't enact any new programs."  The paper added: "About the only person who was silent on the deficit projection was Mr. Bush, who took office facing a surplus but who saw spending balloon and the country notch the highest deficits on record." [Washington Times, 1/8/09; emphasis added]