American Future Fund Airs False Attack Ads Against Martha Coakley

January 11, 2010 12:11 pm ET

Last week, the conservative American Future Fund launched a new attack ad against Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley.  By using a misleading, out of context quote, the ad falsely claims Coakley favors increasing taxes. In reality, she said "get[ting] people back to work" would increase tax revenue and reduce the deficit.

American Future Fund's Misleading "Issues" Ad

American Future Fund:

Martha Coakley says, "we need to get taxes up."


Brown pledged not to raise taxes, Coakley says she will. [AFF ad, accessed 1/11/10]

Coakley Was Referring To Increasing Tax Revenue By Decreasing Unemployment Rate

Boston Globe:

The ad against Coakley quotes her saying, "We need to get taxes up," a line that appears to have been taken out of context from a primary debate, during which Coakley seemed to suggest that the economy needed to improve so that tax collections would rise.

"We do need to get out of this recession, also, and that requires, I think, looking at a couple of things,'' she said during a debate at Suffolk University, in response to a question about lowering the federal deficit. "There's no magic bullet to this. We need to get people back to work, we need to get taxes up, and we'll start to chip away at that deficit." [Boston Globe, 1/8/10; emphasis added]

Boston Globe:

It highlights Brown's pledge to oppose tax increases and Coakley's recent comment that the country needs "to get taxes up." She was referring to tax collections from increased employment, and her aides immediately branded the commercial as an attack ad. [Boston Globe, 1/7/10; emphasis added]