Once Again, Sen. Gregg Shows Complete Reversal On Reconciliation

October 16, 2009 10:28 am ET

On October 16, 2009, Sen. Judd Gregg once again feigned disdain at the possibility of using the budget reconciliation process to help Americans gain access to quality health care.  Yet, as Media Matters Action Network has previously noted, Sen. Gregg was the Senate's leading proponent of the maneuver just a few short years ago

Sen. Gregg Feigned Disdain At Use Of Budget Reconciliation To Help People Afford Health Care

Sen. Judd Gregg On The Use Of Budget Reconciliation:

To use reconciliation in this manner not only deprives the Senate from holding a full debate, but it does a tremendous disservice to the millions of Americans who will be affected by this legislation. A policy change as large as this, one that will have a massive impact on the nation's debt, deserves a full review by the entire membership of the U.S. Senate. Reconciliation should not be used as a political tool, and I hope that the Majority will work in a more bipartisan manner on this issue so important to all Americans. [Gregg Release, 10/16/09]

In 2005, Sen. Gregg Defended & Promoted GOP Usage Of Budget Reconciliation

Sen. Gregg: "Is There Something Wrong With Majority Rules? I Don't Think So." As reported by the New York Times: "The record is also replete with past statements by Republicans such as Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, the party's leader on budget issues, praising the logic of reconciliation. 'We are using the rules of the Senate here,' Mr. Gregg said in 2005 as he fought off Democratic complaints that reconciliation was wrongly being employed to block filibusters against opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. 'Is there something wrong with majority rules? I don't think so.'" [New York Times, 3/29/09]

Sen. Gregg Endorsed The Reconciliation Process To Open Up ANWR For Drilling Because Bush "Asked For It."  As reported by the Associated Press: "Budget Committee Chairman Judd Gregg, R-N.H. said it was reasonable to assume ANWR, as the refuge is commonly called, would be part of the budget measure. 'The president asked for it, and we're trying to do what the president asked for,' Gregg said Tuesday after meeting privately with Republicans on his panel." [Associated Press, 3/1/05]