CPR Ad Features Doctor Who Supported Government-Run Cancer Center

April 27, 2009 1:13 pm ET

On April 27, 2009, Rick Scott and Conservatives for Patients' Rights posted an ad featuring Dr. Karol Sikora discussing "what happens to patients once the government takes over."  However, Rick Scott left out Dr. Sikora's support of a national cancer center to develop treatments and "raise standards of care" in the United Kingdom.

Conservatives for Patients Rights Ad: Not So Innocent

Scott: "Deep inside the stimulus bill, Congress buried an innocent sounding board: the Federal Coordinating Council For Comparative Effectiveness Research.  It's not so innocent - it's the first step in government control over your health care choices.  This federal council is modeled after the national board that controls Britain's health system. Listen to Britain's Dr. Karol Sikora about what happens to patients once the government takes over:"

Dr. Sikora: "They'll lose their own choice, completely...lose control of their own destiny within the medical system."

Dr. Sikora Openly Supported A Government-Run Center "To Develop Future Treatments" In Britain

In 1999, Dr. Sikora Publicly Supported A National British Cancer Center.  Reuters Health reported in March 1999: "Calls for Britain to set up a national cancer centre to develop future treatments and raise standards of care have won support from Dr. Karol Sikora, of the World Health Organisation Cancer Programme...Dr. Sikora, a former NHS cancer consultant, agreed that '...the need for a leading institution has never been greater.' He called on the Government to show the necessary political will and for capital investment by the public and private sectors." [Reuters Health, 3/12/99]