Rep. Smith: If Reelected, "Abortion President" Obama Will Push "Homosexual And Pro-Abortion Agenda" On America And The World

January 26, 2012 9:55 am ET — Walid Zafar

In an interview with Radio America's Greg Corombos, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), a stridently anti-choice lawmaker, repeatedly referred to President Barack Obama as the "abortion president" and warned that if the president is reelected, the "killing fields" will "continue unabated" — a reference to Obama's decision early in his first term to reverse the controversial Mexico City Policy, which prevented the U.S. government from giving aid to international organizations that provide services related to abortion. The next election is the most important in American history, Smith warned, and if reelected, Obama will "throw caution to the wind and this homosexual and pro-abortion agenda will be pushed on our country and on the world."

SMITH: This administration has partnered with the most egregious violators of childrens' rights — Planned Parenthood in particular — at home and abroad. And they're promoting this agenda, this radical agenda, by just funding, ad nauseam, with taxpayer funding, these nongovernmental organizations who are accountable to no one and certainly not to any kind of pro-life concern. So this is the most important election, in my opinion, ever. The White House has to change. If he gets a second term — he being Barack Obama — his extremism will only worsen and I think it will worsen exponentially during those next for years 'cause he doesn't have to worry about the next election and all that they're doing covertly will then become more overt. And they will throw caution to the wind and this homosexual and pro-abortion agenda will be pushed on our country and on the world. So this is the election and people need to realize that. 

COROMBOS: And that leads right to the final question, sir. You also say make no mistake about it, with so much at stake, we don't have the luxury of disunity or nominee disappointment or apathy and of course, that comment comes in the midst of a very competitive Republican field right how. ... What do you say to those folks who don't ultimately get their first choice as nominee?

SMITH: Well, I would say that all of our candidates in the running, who are pro-life, and they are pro-life, would be an exponentially important increase, better than Barack Obama. He's the abortion president. If you want to see the killing fields continue unabated and expanded throughout the world, in Africa, Latin America, The Philippines, in Ireland, and so many places where this administration is pushing abortion, elect Barack Obama. If you want the family to be assaulted the way it is, you know, Hillary Clinton had made it very clear that our foreign policy is all about promoting LBGT, lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender rights. That's what this administration stands for.