Leftovers - January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012 6:43 pm ET — Media Matters Action Network

Gov. Chris Christie’s wife won him over by suggesting a donut heist in college.

John Edwards' trial for campaign finance violations is delayed due to a serious heart condition.

Gov. Rick Perry tries to call on a mannequin during a Q&A session.

Rep. Lamar Smith drops a controversial provision from the Stop Online Piracy Act.

An aide to Rep. Michele Bachmann demands Rick Santorum apologize for his “sexist strategy.” 

Perry, Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Jon Huntsman lose their case to get on Virginia's primary ballot.

Gallup poll: Wealthy people are concerned about the deficit and poor people are worried about jobs.

Sen. Rand Paul has returned 16 percent of his annual budget to the Treasury Department. 

Santorum on Mitt Romney: You don't necessarily "want your boss running for president, right?”