Karl Rove Group Slams Elizabeth Warren As A Shill For Corporate America

December 09, 2011 5:05 pm ET — Walid Zafar

A new ad by Crossroads GPS, a group associated with ever-dishonest former White House chief of staff Karl Rove, alleges that Massachusetts senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren is— get ready— a shill for corporate America. This might come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about Warren, a strong consumer advocate who was President Obama's nominee to run the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau until she withdrew her name after Republicans refused to allow a vote on her nomination. (Yesterday, Senate Republicans filibustered the president's next nominee to head the agency, former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.)


You couldn't come up with a more dishonest and easily refutable ad if you tried. As Kevin Drum quips, "saying [Warren's] too close to Wall Street is sort of like saying Ralph Nader is too close to General Motors because, you know, he spent a whole year researching a book about the car industry."

Oddly, the group's other attack ad against Warren accuses her of siding with "extreme-left protests at Occupy Wall Street" where protestors "attack police, do drugs, and trash public parks." That ad quotes Fox News Democrat Doug Schoen to charge that the movement "support[s] radical redistribution of wealth and violence."

The good news is that folks like Rove usually only reach into the filthiest parts of gutter against candidates whose message they really fear. With millions of out-of-work Americans angry at Wall Street for starting the economic crisis, and Warren's message of accountability resonating with voters not just in Massachusetts but throughout the country, Rove's fact-free operatives are desperate to undercut her by any means. That seems to include not just making up stuff out of thin air, as the group routinely does, but trying to portray Warren as something that even most Republican voters intuitively know to be false.

As Steve Benen observes, "if this ad is a sign of things to come, and 2012 comes down to which side of the political divide is too close to the Wall Street elite, Republicans are in for a very long, unsuccessful year."