Rep. Peter King's Occupy Wall Street Victory Lap: "Bunch Of Lowlife Dirtbags"

November 16, 2011 4:25 pm ET — Alan Pyke

This morning on Don Imus' radio show, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) celebrated the NYPD's eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from a lower Manhattan park, calling them "lowlife dirtbags" who "were somehow exalted as being some sort of freedom fighters." 

KING: It's great. I mean they're a bunch of lowlife dirtbags, they should've been out a long time ago. These are people living in dirt and disease, sanitation workers were saying it was the worst smells they've ever had anywhere. You know, it really bothered me that the media was giving these people credibility. I mean you can have a legitimate cause but you don't have to be living in dirt and drugs, sex, the whole bit, I mean it was just absolute lowlifes and they were somehow exalted as being some sort of freedom fighters. And also, a public park means it should be open to the public, and yet except for them nobody else could use that park, so I think the police did the right thing, the mayor did the right thing, and the judge did the right thing. They can assemble, they can march, but they have no right to be carrying on that way, keeping other people from using the park, and turning it into just a cesspool for disease.

King wasn't satisfied with the Imus hit, apparently; he also went on Bloomberg TV to criticize Occupy Wall Street's tactics for effecting change, saying that "you don't do it by carrying out rapes and you don't do it by chanting anti-American slogans" and suggesting that the Occupiers were choosing to "sleep in dirt" rather than take jobs or participate in their democracy.

Watch our video of the two interviews:

The victory lap is predictable given that King had previously called the group a "ragtag mob" of "anti-capitalist" "anarchists," but the Homeland Security Committee chairman's dismissive attitude toward a broad group of Americans fed up with an economy that no longer serves middle-class interests is telling.