Rep. Gohmert Suggests DHS Working Group Is Run By Muslim Brotherhood

November 16, 2011 3:38 pm ET — Walid Zafar

Rep. Louie Gohmert

What do Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D), D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier, former Bush administration Deputy National Security Adviser Frances Townsend, and head of the Christian Emergency Network Mary Marr have in common? If Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is to be believed, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) working group on which they serve is effectively run by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and there is a high likelihood that O'Malley, Lanier, Townsend and Marr are themselves Muslim Brothers.

Speaking on Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio program yesterday, Gohmert, who is perhaps best known for claiming that foreign terror groups were recruiting pregnant women to give birth to children in the U.S. who would ultimately become terrorists, said that most of the members of DHS's Countering Violent Extremism working group may be  part of a movement that is "dedicated to creating an international caliphate where we all fall subject to ... the great 12th Imam [sic]." Here's how Gohmert explained the nefarious scheme to guest host (and former congressman and Love Boat star) Fred Grandy, a fellow at Gaffney's Center for Security Policy.

GOHMERT: So I need to follow up and find out. I want to get it directly from the Homeland Security that they're going to do nothing about that. And Fred, it didn't stop there. I mean when I asked her how many people were on her Countering Violent Extremism — that's the name of the committee because they didn't wanna call it Radical Islam, that might offend somebody trying to kill us, but Countering Violent Extremism — I ask how many on the committee were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, she didn't know. She had no idea. I asked that question because I had information that most of the people on that group were Muslim Brotherhood. But I needed to find out. I wanted to hear it directly from her. But the one with the direct knowledge says she just has no clue. She appoints people to it and has no idea if they're Muslim Brotherhood or not.


Gohmert's suspicion of the DHS initiative was raised after a right-wing blog reported that Mohamed Elibiary, a Muslim member of the working group whom Gohmert accuses of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, was supposedly shopping sensitive information to media outlets. At a House hearing last month, Gohmert grilled DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano about the story. He also asked her whether her department had advised the White House on its decision to support the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or on U.S. involvement in Libya.

"Do you know how many of the members of your Countering Violent Extremism are members of the Muslim Brotherhood?" Gohmert asked Napolitano. When she tried to answer, Gohmert wouldn't let her finish her response, saying, "I can't be filibustered." After the hearing, Gohmert told Pat Robertson's CBN News that the government is "bringing in the Muslim Brotherhood to the inner sanctum."

During his radio appearance yesterday, while discussing the Elibiary story and the Muslim Brotherhood at length, Gohmert told Grandy," Of course the president, without consulting Congress, just only being urged by Muslim Brotherhood and the people that they were pushing just decided to come in and take out Gaddafi. ... This president went in [to Libya] and helped al Qaeda."