Rep. Bachmann On The 99 Percent Movement: "I Completely Oppose Everything That They Stand For"

November 11, 2011 5:46 pm ET — Julia Krieger

Yesterday, Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-MN) was incensed when her South Carolina speech was interrupted by Occupy Wall Street protesters, telling reporters she found the move "ignorant and disrespectful." This afternoon on The Sean Hannity Show, Bachmann told substitute host Rose Tennent that the "kids" of Occupy Wall Street need to "be taught our true American history," warning they have a "mindset that is demanding the implementation of Marxist ideas in the United States." She added, "I completely oppose everything that they stand for." 

BACHMANN: The point is — it is a — the real question has been asked, what is it that Occupy Wall Street wants? Ultimately, what is it? And I think essentially what they want is to have the United States embrace Socialism and the principles, essentially, of Marxism. That's antithetical to everything that our veterans have lived and fought and died for. And it's really remarkable to me, not only the level of disrespect, but really, the ignorance that is displayed. And it's an ignorance of the historic level of the cost that was paid for all of the kids that were there to secure their liberty and their freedom. Yes, they have the First Amendment right to speak out, but I think it's really terrible the level of ignorance that people have about the very high price that was paid to give them this magnificent country. And I think if they could only be taught our true American history, they would never do that, they would appreciate the heroes that surrounded them. And so it really was an object lesson, I think for all of us, yesterday as we consider where we're at right now in this nation.


BACHMANN: And I think that's where we need to recognize that this isn't just a — kind of a foolish teenage Woodstock expression. This literally is a mindset that is demanding the implementation of Marxist ideas in the United States. I oppose Marxism. I oppose socialism. I oppose their premises. And that's why this election, Rose, in 2012 is so absolutely key because the left constantly pushes us farther and farther to the left. President Obama says that he stands with Occupy Wall Street. Isn't that really all we need to know? He stands with people who are self-identified socialists and Marxists? That's all we need to know. I completely oppose everything that they stand for.


Given Bachmann's previous gaffe-filled accounts of American history, her lament that the protesters need a history lesson is a little rich.