Rep. Dold Responds To Question About Underwater Mortages By Touting Deregulation

November 08, 2011 12:45 pm ET — Julia Krieger

Yesterday, Steve Benen noted a survey circulated by freshman Rep. Robert Dold (R-IL) giving supporters a list of options on "the important issues facing our nation today" — and job creation was nowhere to be found on that list.

Perhaps that's why Dold stepped up his game this morning on MSNBC, completely ignoring a question about what can be done to help the 46 percent of single-family home mortgages that are underwater in Chicago by hawking the GOP's regulation-slashing agenda dressed up as a jobs push:  

CHRIS JANSING (HOST): I want to talk about one aspect of this, which is housing, and we all know how important this is to the overall economic growth and how much it contributed to the downfall. There's an article in the Chicago Tribune this morning, your home state, Congressman. A little more than 46 percent of all single-family homes with a mortgage in the Chicago area were underwater in the year's third quarter. That's a pretty astonishing statistic, what are we going to do about it?

DOLD: Well, I think part of what you have to take a look at in terms of the housing market is we've got to talk about how do we get more confidence back there? How do we get more people off of the unemployment lines so that they can start putting, you know, making the mortgage payments. We've got an unemployment rate in Illinois that's over 10 percent. And in certain areas of the 10th District it's 20 to 22 percent. So, we've got to talk about moving forward, we've got to talk about how do we get people off of the unemployment lines. Which is why you hear, you're going to hear about a do-nothing Congress, well that's certainly not the House of Representatives because we've passed bill after bill after bill that is stacking up on Harry Reid's doorstep. And frankly, we've got a plan to put America back to work, and you go to, and we've got this plan,, that's going to be talking about what we can do for the American public, and frankly, a do-nothing Congress is not what we're in Washington to deal with.


Insisting his party is not to blame for a "do-nothing" Congress and completely ignoring the president's call for solutions for families with underwater mortages, Dold whipped out a pamphlet containing a list of GOP initiatives that don't address the problem. Unfortunately, Dold's response to immediate issue of family suffering reflects the GOP party line of late: We're done, blame the other guys.